7 Great High-Calorie Foods for Your Picky Toddler ...

Getting the right nutrition for your little one isn’t always easy - I know first hand - so, I’ve got some great foods for your picky toddler! No more constant battle of “please, eat your veggies!” or “please, try this fruit!” These fun foods will surely give your toddler the nutrition he needs. Here are my go-to foods for your picky toddler...

1. PediaSure

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Here is a number one go-to food for your picky toddler... it's PediaSure! It's high in calories and can be substituted for milk in a bowl of cereal. You can even add PediaSure in recipes such as banana-chip muffins, oatmeal raisin cookies, and even in pudding! This yummy, nutritional drink can do wonders for our toddlers. I wouldn’t use this as a meal replacement, but more as an addition onto whatever your toddler is eating!

2. Milk, Cheese, Yogurts, Ice Cream

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Here are several dairy products to use that are high in calorie to help your toddler gain that extra weight! Whole milk, half and half, heavy creams, whipping cream, sour cream, cream cheese and cheese, as well as dry milk, are high in calories and can be added into daily recipes and substituted when necessary; you can even make “regular milk” using dry milk - this is what I like to do!

3. Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter is also high in calories, due to its natural fat and oil content! This good old pantry saver can help your picky toddler eat veggies and even fruit! You can put peanut butter on sandwiches, bagels, biscuits, or even put them on fruits and veggies! For those allergic to peanuts, please find a peanut butter substitute, like hazelnut, soy nut, almonds, cashews, etc.! They’re all yummy!

4. Butter, Mayonnaise, Oils, Ranch

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Fats like butter, margarine and oil can be added into soups, vegetables, mashed potatoes, cooked cereal, pudding, rice, pasta and casseroles. They not only provide something nutritious and delicious to eat, but what toddler doesn’t love bread with butter? Salad dressings such as ranch can also be used for extra calorie intake, and you can put them on chicken, or even veggies like celery and broccoli! Adding mayonnaise to sandwiches, like tuna, egg or chicken salad, can provide a lot of great nutritional calories!

5. Bread, Pasta

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One of my toddlers, I swear, lives off of carbs! Luckily, we learned a few tricks when it comes to carbs! Barilla Pasta has protein in their noodles, and along with carbs we always introduce new things on dinner plates & make sure their plate is colorful!

6. Veggies and Fruit

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Veggies and fruit are two great combos! My kids love fruits but are quite picky when it comes to veggies. So, I like to make smoothies using both veggies and fruits. I also make green smoothies, and add a little fruit to the green smoothie to sweeten it up!

7. Lean Meats

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Lean meats are also healthy, and you can combine cut meat with cheese and whole grain crackers for a healthy snack! Chicken breast and ground turkey are also delicious favorites in our household. Using high calorie substitutes like oil or butter and frying instead of baking can help a picky toddler gain weight (if that’s the issue), but baking and using oil substitutes for cooking is also great!

These are some of my go-to foods for my picky toddlers! We focus on a high-calorie, healthy diet for our toddlers to gain that little extra weight. I know these are a hit at my household; what do you feed your picky toddler?

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