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9 Halloween Cake Pops That Are Too Adorable to Handle ...

By Holly

Halloween will be here before you know it. That's why it's never too early to find recipes for your spooky parties. Luckily, Redbook Mag has compiled a list of the most adorable Halloween themed cake pops that you can create. If you're interested in baking something special, here are a few ideas:


FRANKENWEENIEFind the recipe at

2 Mummies

MummiesFind the recipe at

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3 Candy Corn

Candy CornFind the recipe at

4 Posioned Apples

Posioned ApplesFind the recipe at

5 Ghosts

GhostsFind the recipe at

6 Zombies

ZombiesFind the recipe at

7 Jack Skellington

Jack SkellingtonFind the recipe at

8 Werewolves

WerewolvesFind the recipe at

9 Vampires

VampiresFind the recipe at

Halloween doesn't have to be scary! It can just be cute! Which one of these cake pops do you think are the most adorable?

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