7 Healthy Choices for Girls Who Are Midnight Fridge Raiders ...


I know why the fridge has a light: to aid and abet my midnight snacking. If you're a midnight fridge raider, too, chances are, you're also wondering what you can munch on without wrecking your diet in the wee hours. Here are a few of my faves.

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Cherry Tomatoes

produce, food, dish, plant, salad, A quick handful of these tasty little tomatoes contains about 25 calories (5 for each tomato) and they're loaded with all sorts of good-for-you vitamins, like C and A. They'll satisfy your craving for something savory.


Greek Yoghurt

meal, produce, food, dish, plant, If you want something sweet and creamy, grab the Greek (yoghurt). A little container only has 100 calories, and it's got lots of protein, so you'll feel full for the rest of the night.


Pretzel Rods

food, dish, meal, dessert, produce, They're made of exactly the same thing, so why are pretzel rods better for midnight snacking than the little twists? Who knows. They'll help with a salt or crunch craving.



produce, food, dish, plant, baked goods, There's nothing sweeter than a handful of fresh blueberries, so they'll make a marvelous midnight snack. They come in at only 85 calories per heaping handful, so you won't wreck your diet with this snack.


Green Beans

produce, dish, food, plant, salad, If you've only ever had cooked green beans, you're missing out! They make an excellent snack when eaten raw, and there are only 31 tiny calories in a snack-sized serving. Crunch!


Dark Chocolate

painting, still life, carving, MIRIWETHE, Sometimes you just have to splurge, and dark chocolate's a guilt-free way to treat yourself, even when it's past your bedtime. One small square, melting on your tongue, only contains 150 calories, and it's so satisfying!



food, meal, baked goods, dish, produce, I know this sounds weird, but milk can be a snack, too! It's more filling than water, and if since it's not loaded with sugar or caffeine, like juice, coffee, or tea, you can have a glass without sacrificing sleep for the next few hours.

What are your other go-to healthy(ish) midnight snacks? (I also like almonds, but... you know... only so much room on my list...) Do tell!

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How do you get so many followers

Popcorn... without butter!

Far better to eat this healthy food than to eat the processed unhealthy foods, that are creating diseases ridden bodies.

All healthy alternatives to enjoy and I promise you, you will truly feel so much better❤️


👍 nice

Raw carrots, I’m not big on dressings so I eat them as is

Yes, and sprinkle it with spirulina powder. It had no taste but extra nutrients. I promise

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