7 Ways to Avoid Late-Night Snacking ...


7 Ways to Avoid Late-Night Snacking ...
7 Ways to Avoid Late-Night Snacking ...

If you're trying to lose weight, start eating better, or simply learn better habits, you might be interested in figuring out the best ways to avoid late-night snacking. This is a huge problem for me (surprise, surprsie!); I'll often decide I need a handful of Goldfish crackers or a bowl of cereal before bed. While it's technically occasionally okay, eating before you go to sleep is disastrous to your metabolism. So, why not learn the right ways to avoid late-night snacking together?

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Quench Your Thirst

One of the best ways to avoid late-night snacking is to fulfill yourself in another way. Sometimes when you feel hungry, you're actually thirsty. Even if that's not the case, you can often fulfill your cravings by drinking something in lieu of eating. Try drinking a glass of water instead; it can trick your belly into thinking it's full.


Eat a Filling Dinner

If you get hungry late at night, you might not be eating enough at dinner. I don't mean you should load up your plate, but make sure that you're getting plenty of protein, vitamins, and nutrients. Don't skimp on your last meal of the day, just don't go overboard either.


Stop with the Sugar

Bad carbs, like processed sugar, will make you feel hungrier. Even soda will ultimately make you feel like you need to eat. It's because of the way sugar affects your insulin levels. Throughout the day, try to avoid too much sugar and see if your late-night cravings start to disappear.


Practice Portion Control

Sometimes you really are hungry, and that's okay. Just make sure you don't stuff yourself. If you're craving something in particular, let yourself have a very small portion. Pay attention to the appropriate serving size and make sure you don't go over the recommended amount. Better still, try a healthier snack; swap the cookies for fresh fruit.


Turn to Tea

In addition to drinking water, try some hot tea. Herbal teas or green tea are both excellent options – just don't choose anything with caffeine. It calms and soothes you, plus the hot drink tricks your brain into thinking it's having a proper meal. It's also likely that a cup of tea will help make you sleepy, so you can simply go on to bed.


Distract Yourself

If you feel yourself getting hungry, try a distraction. Skip the TV, since it might trigger you to eat. Pick up a book, turn to your blog, try knitting – anything that takes your mind off of food will work. You might even try stretching or meditation. If your cravings continue, think about calling a friend instead.


Brush Your Teeth

Finally, why not practice some nice, healthy oral hygiene? Brushing your teeth is good for you, of course, but you're also less likely to want to eat if your mouth is clean and minty fresh. Besides, nothing in the world pairs well with the taste of toothpaste.

Like say, if you only snack occasionally, it's not the end of the world. However, it is better if you turn to fruits, vegetables, or something light like yogurt. You don't need a full blown meal and you should definitely avoid anything heavy. If you're a late-night snacker, what's your biggest guilty pleasure?

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Brushing teeth works for most of my bad habit - smoking, snacking... But taking a note how much money I spent for my bad health and fat worked the best...

I'm on a diet so that's really not an option for me all I have is a waffle some gold fish and some serial I'm trying for 87 pounds

Brushing my teeth right after dinner always does the trick for me!

Avoid the kitchen... Take a large glass of water/tea to bed and DON'T make excuses to go back to the kitchen

I just have to say that your comment on food just sitting there once you go to sleep is completely false. Your body is still undergoing metabolism while you sleep and will digest any food you do eat. Simply existing means you are using calories, because you need to keep your body temperature up. The only problem with eating before bed is that the sugar can wreak havoc with your sleeping patterns. Having a simple starch, such as graham crackers, will actually help you to feel sleepy and fall asleep more easily

Tea works wonders!!!!

Brushing my teeth is always the most useful tip to me becuz I am too lazy lol. Drinking tea… nah, I never think about it. Drinking tea with empty stomach might hurt your stomach like how coffee does sometimes!

Peanut butter

Ice cream and or chocolate

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