7 Healthy Energizing Foods That Will Keep You Going All Day Long ...


Regularly consuming energizing foods will have you feeling amazing in no time. Believe it or not, your diet can actually play a huge role in your energy levels and their stability. If you’ve ever noticed how your energy is drained at a certain time every day, it’s time to look at your diet. Eating an excess amount of refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods can drain your energy by temporarily lifting your energy levels, leaving them to decline later. That, and foods that are difficult to digest (most processed foods) will make your energy be used for digestion, so you will have less energy to do other activities. That is why it’s crucial to regularly eat energizing foods - so that you can have lasting energy for the entire day, and without any crashes.

1. Bananas


You probably have heard that bananas are one of the best energizing foods, and that’s because they are! They are packed with carbohydrates and natural sugars that give you an instant energy boost. Unlike refined sugar and processed carbohydrates, however, this sugar from fruit will not cause the same rapid rise in glucose levels; instead, it will produce a steady and more gradual rise. Bananas also contain a lot of fiber that helps keep your energy levels stable, thus preventing a later energy crash. I like eating them plain before I run, or in smoothies, but they also make a good β€œsoft serve” ice cream when frozen and blended up.

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