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10 Healthy Foods You Can Regrow at Home ...

By Eliza

Imagine buying a food, then planting it at home and never having to buy it again. Not only will this save you money, but fresh foods always taste better. Not to mention that home grown produce is free of pesticides and the nutrients don’t have as long to degrade when you harvest and eat them right away rather than waiting for them to be shipped to your local supermarket. Intrigued? There are many foods you can regrow at home, but here are some of the easiest. Once you master them, you can branch out to others.

1 Avocado Pits Are a Must save Item

Avocado Pits Are a Must save Item Instead of tossing your avocado pits, save them and you can sprout your very own avocado plant. Since these little fruits can get pretty pricey, you’ll love being able to save some cash. Insert four toothpicks into your pit and set it on the rim of a glass, filled enough to cover half the avocado pit. When you see a plant start to sprout, repot it in soil in a pot with plenty of drainage. Water regularly.

2 You Can Have All the Cabbage You Need

You Can Have All the Cabbage You Need When you have just a couple of cabbage leaves left, don’t toss them. Place the leaves in a bowl of water and mist them every so often to keep them damp. When the leaves begin to grow roots, you can transplant the cabbage into your outdoor garden or into a large pot. You should have a new head of cabbage in just a few months. Cool, right?

3 Celery is Super Easy to Regrow

Celery is Super Easy to Regrow Celery is such a versatile ingredient and it’s nice to have it on hand for tuna salad, ants on a log or a pot of vegetable soup. To regrow celery, simply place the base of the celery into a bowl of water, changing it every couple of days. Once you start to see tiny yellow leaves sprout, you can move the celery to a pot filled with soil.

4 Basil is Delicious and Easy to Grow at Home

Basil is Delicious and Easy to Grow at Home The perfect herb for pasta sauce or bruschetta is fresh basil. It can be very hard to find during the cold winter months, which is why you should regrow it yourself right at home. Start by stripping the leaves off about ¾ of a couple of stems of basil. Place them in a small jar of water. When you start to see roots forming, you can transplant your basil to an herb garden. Awesome!

5 Green Onions Are a Tasty Choice

Green Onions Are a Tasty Choice I love fresh green onions in stir-fry, a tossed salad or just dipped in ranch on a veggie tray. They are easy to regenerate so you don’t have to worry that you won’t have any when you want them. Cut the white ends off a bunch of green onions and place them in soil, root side down. You can also place the greens in a small jar of water and they will grow new ones pretty quickly.

6 Lemongrass is Great for Ethnic Meals

Lemongrass is Great for Ethnic Meals Lemongrass is great in stir-fry, marinades, homemade salad dressings and spice rubs. Growing your own from scraps is super easy to do so today is the day to give it a try. Place the tops of the stalks in water until there is a lot of root growth. Plant them in pots that can be moved indoors when the temps outside get cold.

7 Mushrooms Make a DeliCious Addition

Mushrooms Make a DeliCious Addition There’s nothing better on a burger than sauteed mushrooms and they make a great addition to pasta sauce and other casseroles as well. To regrow your own, simply plant the stalks in soil, with just the top poking out. They’ll regrow caps you can use in your cooking down the road.

8 No Meal is Complete without Potatoes

food, dish, produce, vegetable, plant, Potatoes are very versatile sides that complete just about any meal. So, it just makes sense to grow them at home and always have them on hand. Simply slice off skin that has eyes on it, dry out, and plant 4 inches deep. It takes a few weeks but is worth it.

9 Ginger is Terrific

food, root vegetable, produce, dish, vegetable, I love ginger. It's great for weight loss, it's flavorful without adding a ton, and it smells great. But fresh ginger is pretty expensive in my area so an alternative is growing it. Take a spare piece of ginger root and plant in a pot of soil, bud side up. You'll notice shoots in about a week and then you can pull and re-use. Save some again to re-plant to always keep your stock full.

10 Garlic is Full of Flavor

food, dish, plant, produce, vegetable, I hate cooking and realizing I'm out of garlic. It's a really easy way to add flavor to dishes, so I consider it a kitchen staple. To regrow, plant a clove roots down, in potting soil. Make sure to give it plenty of direct sunlight. Once shoots develop, cut the shoots and your plant will produce a bulb. Use a clove off this new bulb to grow the next one.

Have you ever tried growing food from scraps? What else works really well?

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