Healthy Ways to Get Your Cheese Fix ...


Healthy Ways to Get Your Cheese  Fix ...
Healthy Ways to Get Your Cheese  Fix ...

There are lots of healthy ways to eat cheese. We happen to believe that one of the greatest injustices in life is the fact that cheese tastes so damn good, but if eaten in excessive amounts it can be so damn unhealthy! Why is it that the trend for all of the most delicious foods in the world is that they share the unfortunate characteristic of not being particularly good for us? Sure, you’re right, there are plenty of processed and junk foods that are higher on the ladder of shame than humble cheese, but in these days of modern health concerns and awareness, you really should be doing everything you can to make sure that your own diet and lifestyle is as positive as possible. Here are a few healthy ways to eat cheese.

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Use a Cheese Scale

This is one of the best healthy ways to eat cheese. Try to get out of the habit of eyeballing measurements when it comes to cheese because the truth is that we almost always use too much in recipes. Our eyes always want more than our stomachs should have, so buying a scale and actually using it is a great way to start being more attentive to your delicious dairy habits. It might not feel like a lot to cut down 120 grams down to 100 grams, but over the course of a week or a month, it can really start to add up.


Room Temperature

All experts will tell you that cheese is best served when it is at room temperature, and sticking to this rule for your own cheese adventures is not only best for taste but it can encourage healthier eating too. The more prime your cheese is for room temperature eating, the more flavour it will pack, and if you are enjoying a stronger flavour, you might not feel as though you need to eat quite as much.


Lower Fat Cheeses

Going for the low-fat option doesn’t mean that you have to buy cheeses that are artificially altered to be a healthier option. It can also just mean focusing on buying types that are naturally lower in fat than others. Just a few examples of delicious, natural cheeses that are lower on the fat spectrum than others include Parmesan, Swiss, feta, mozzarella and goat cheese. That is a cheese board fit for anyone, all with less fat!


Raw Cheese

If you are a true cheese lover, then why not push the boat out and try raw cheese instead? It has to be aged for a minimum of 60 days and must be clearly marked, but it is much higher in minerals and vitamins and it also friendlier to people who love cheese but have some lactose intolerance issues to deal with.


Sprinkle, Don’t Slice

When it comes to adding cheese to a meal, opt for sprinkling some grated over a dish instead of chucking in a whole slice. The sheer volume of a thick slice of cheese on something like a burger is much greater than if you were to sprinkle a small handful of the grated stuff in the same place.

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