Healthy Ways to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth without Breaking Your Calories ...


Healthy Ways to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth without Breaking Your Calories ...
Healthy Ways to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth without Breaking Your Calories ...

If you are like the majority of people on this earth, then you will not be able to resist a delicious sweet treat every now and then! But there are some healthy ways to indulge your sweet tooth.

Certainly, there are plenty of individuals out there who prefer a savoury snack, but at the end of the day, not many people would turn down a delicious chocolate dessert, if given the chance! However, we all know that we have to be healthy and food conscious in this day and age, and indulging your sweet tooth can be very tricky when you are also trying to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be done, though! Here are some healthy ways to indulge your sweet tooth.

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The creamy, frothy texture of a milkshake is satisfying to start with, and the addition of even the tiniest amount of vanilla extract go a long way in terms of sweetness. You can make a custom shake filled with all of the healthy fruit that you love, and give it that sweet kick with the vanilla or even a sprinkling a cinnamon. Healthy and delicious! This is one of my favorite healthy ways to indulge your sweet tooth.



Avocados aren’t just great for spreading on toast, they can also be used as an alternative base for a rich chocolate pudding! Pure cocoa powder with avocado makes for a deceptively sweet and healthy alternative to a traditional dessert base. You won’t believe it until you have tried it for yourself!


Healthy Cookies

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as healthy cookies! These no bake treats are perfect for keeping a healthy diet and enjoying some sweetness. All you need is some natural peanut butter, raw honey, some coconut oil, vanilla extract, oats and cocoa powder. Roll into balls and there’s no need to even bake!


Tropical Tastes

You can trick your brain in to thinking it is enjoying lots of sugar by indulging in things like mangoes, pineapples and coconuts. They have a natural sweetness to them that doesn’t come with unhealthy additives. Something like a fruit salad comprised of tropical fruits is perfect for a sweet tooth.



Eat as many bananas as you can, from adding them to milkshakes to freezing them and pretending they are ice cream sticks. When you really need to add some chocolate to the mix, a frozen banana dipped in some melted dark chocolate is a sweet treat that still isn’t quite as bad as milk chocolate or white chocolate based desserts!



Again, melon is a wonderful fruit that can help to trick your brain in to getting its sweet fix. A few freshly chilled scoops of melon are a deliciously cold and sweet snack to indulge in. It almost feels like one of those classic machine slushies, but without all of the crazily unhealthy additives and E-numbers that make the liquids so vividly coloured! Believe me, a fresh melon slushie is sweet enough and healthy enough to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth!

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