How Long do Certain Foods Last before They Go Bad?


Knowing how long your food lasts is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that you don’t get sick from things that have gone bad. If you’re someone who simply gives things a sniff, you could be putting yourself at risk. Sometimes bacteria grows on food without altering its smell, appearance or taste. You won’t know until you’re already sick. Use these handy tips for making sure your food is always safe to eat.

1. Milk Foods

In general, milk products will give off a really bad odor when they have gone bad. However, bacteria can still grow if they sit out for too long. Your best bet when it comes to dairy items is to go by the “best by” date. Beyond that and you risk getting sick by eating cheese, yogurt or milk. However, you can shave mold off hard cheeses and still eat the rest. In general, dairy foods spoil much faster once they’re opened so keep that in mind too.

Meat Items
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