How to Create Giant Versions of Your Favorite Candy Bars ...

On Halloween, you're going to get tiny versions of your favorite candies. That's why you should create your own desserts. Use the recipes provided by BuzzFeed to create these giant versions of your favorite candy bars:

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

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Who doesn't look Reeses? They're delicious.

2. Kit Kat

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If you make a giant Kit Kat, you can give everyone a piece of it. There will be plenty to share.

3. Snickers

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This is a classic candy. That's why you need to make it larger than life.

4. Gummy Bear

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If you aren't a fan of chocolate, stick to making gummy bears. They're tasty, don't you think?

5. Rolo

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If you've never had these before, now is the time. you might as well try the giant version before the miniature version.

6. Ding Dong

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This is just as good as any other cake you could make. Try it to see.

7. Mars Bar

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This is the best dessert on the planet. You've got to try some.

Which one of these would you love to chow down on?

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