How to Make Pizza Roll Ups in Seconds ...

By Leiann

How to Make Pizza Roll Ups in Seconds  ...

Do you need to feed a crowd? Do you love pizza roll ups? Do you own a microwave? Then, this video is for you!

All you need to have are flour tortillas, toothpicks, toppings, a microwaveable safe plate, a microwave and 30 seconds!

Mr. Appliance
Published on Mar 24, 2015

The instructions seem so easy, common sense and not needing a YouTube video, but I do not know about you, I lack common sense. Kids can probably do this without being taught, kind-of like cellular telephones! lol I cannot.

Ok, you get my point.

Nice for this summer so as to not heat up the kitchen. Nice for winter to comfort. Oh, by the way, do you realize how much money you can save?

Happy breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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