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68 Ideas for Food Gifts for All Occasions ...

By Neecey

Food gifts are a lot of fun to make and receive. They can be made to a specific plan or just a last minute idea when you're stumped for what to present. There are lots of fabulously yummy food gifts for all tastes and all occasions and all ages.

1 Dipped Pretzels

Dipped PretzelsVia Southern Weddings

One for the holidays or just snacks any time. Jazz up some pretzels in a suitable color theme for the occasion.DIY food gifts are easy when you have a starting product.

2 DIY Curiously Strong Mints

DIY Curiously Strong MintsVia Make Your Own "Curiously Strong ...

Make them in all sorts of flavors.

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3 Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate SpoonsVia 100+ of the Best DIY ...

You can go to town on these.

4 Layered Cookie Ingredients in a Jar

Layered Cookie Ingredients in a JarVia Delightful Christmas Cookie Gifts

Any favorite cookie recipe can be layered in a jar and finished off prettily.

5 Meat Rubs

Meat RubsVia Testing Trendy....1, 2, 3: All ...

Ideal for the man who loves to grill.

6 Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla ExtractVia An early start to Christmas: ...

So much flavor. Make for yourself and more to share.

7 Candied Pecans

Candied PecansVia Candied Pecans - Paint Chips ...

Great for Father's Day, thanksgiving or Christmas.

8 Brownie Treasure Box

Brownie Treasure BoxVia 29 Fun Food Crafts To ...

Perfect for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

9 Do It Yourself Brownie

Do It Yourself BrownieVia Dia das mães: Brownie DIY ...

Of course, a brownie mix is ideal for a recipe jar gift.

10 Giant Gummy Bears

Giant Gummy BearsVia Pimp That Snack - Great ...

I never imagined you could make gummy bears at home. Follow the link to the recipe.

11 10 Minute Hot Fudge Sauce -

10 Minute Hot Fudge Sauce -Via Hot Fudge Sauce

Come rain, come shine, it's always a good time to lavish hot fudge sauce on your ice cream.

12 Flavored Sugars

Flavored SugarsVia 4 Gift Ideas From Pantry ...

Bakers in your life will love these.

13 Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate TrufflesVia 38 Best DIY Food Gifts

So easy and such fun to make and there's so many ways to dress and package them as gifts.

14 Pomegranate Syrup

Pomegranate SyrupVia Luscious Homemade Food Gifts

I have been drinking grenadine all summer so far so I will have to try this as a present to myself.

15 DIY Infused Olive Oils

DIY Infused Olive OilsVia DIY Infused Olive Oils

Pretty, practical and perfectly delicious.

16 Homemade Coffee Syrups!

Homemade Coffee Syrups!Via Gift Idea: Coffee Syrups

Now your gift recipient doesn't have to go to Starbucks for their favorite coffee.

17 Homemade Jam

Homemade JamVia 40 Homemade Holiday Food Gift ...

Homemade jams and jellies always taste better than store bought.

18 Lemon Ginger Syrup

Lemon Ginger SyrupVia Simple Handmade Gifts - Part ...

Always a great combo and always much welcomed when gifted.

19 Painted Desert Chili Mix in a Jar

Painted Desert Chili Mix in a JarVia Frugal Handmade Gift Ideas: Gifts ...

Not all jar recipes are for cookies and cakes.

20 Home-Baked Cookies

Home-Baked CookiesVia NATURE WHISPER

I know home baked cookies are pretty standard food gifts, but not when you present them in an upcycled Pringles can.

21 Spice Tea Mix

Spice Tea MixVia Spice Tea Gift Jars - ...

Tea for two, or three, or four ...

22 Last-Minute Gift

Last-Minute GiftVia 20 Simple, Last-Minute Gift Ideas ...


23 DIY Pancake Mixes

DIY Pancake MixesVia 3 Cookie Inspired Pancake Mixes ...

I would make plain mixes and add little tidbits and flavorings separately unless I was sure my giftee loved a particular flavor.

24 Homemade Limoncello

Homemade LimoncelloVia 10 Ideas for Delicious DIY ...

Limoncello is a lemon flavored liqueur from Southern Italy.

25 Sweet and Savory Butters

Sweet and Savory ButtersVia Sweet and Savory Compound Butter ...

So many butters. So little time.

26 Chocolate Fruit Bark -

Chocolate Fruit Bark -Via Chocolate Fruit Bark - Christmas ...

If you can melt chocolate, you can make chocolate bark.

27 Homemade Marshmallows

Homemade MarshmallowsVia Luscious Homemade Food Gifts

Lovely fluffy, scrummily soft marshmallows. Make tiny one for putting in cocoa and chocolate.

28 Herb Infused Vinegars

Herb Infused VinegarsVia How to Make Herb Infused ...

Flavored vinegars make making home vinaigrettes a cinch.

29 Home-made Sweet and Sour Pickles with Dill

Home-made Sweet and Sour Pickles with DillVia Home-made pickled cucumber - Simply ...

Hand these over with a card extolling the benefits of fermented foods.

30 Marinated Cheese and Olives ~

Marinated Cheese and Olives ~Via Marinated Cheese & Olives ~ ...

A marvelous marinated Mediterranean favorite to munch on.

31 DIY Beer Caramels

DIY Beer CaramelsVia 3 Homemade Father's Day Gifts ...

Great male gift - anytime.

32 Apple with Caramel Cream Cheese Dip

Apple with Caramel Cream Cheese DipVia Jo and Sue: Apple with ...

Some food gifts are a little healthy - just a bit.

33 Homemade Bacon Salt

Homemade Bacon SaltVia 38 Best DIY Food Gifts

And some food gifts are not so healthy.

34 Homemade Popcorn Gift

Homemade Popcorn GiftVia Gourmet popcorn and seasoning kit ...

Assemble your gift recipient’s favorite flavors.

35 Banana Bread in-a-Jar

Banana Bread in-a-JarVia Banana Bread in-a-jar: DIY Wedding ...

Great house warming gift.

36 Crimson Cranberry Chutney

Crimson Cranberry ChutneyVia

There's always value in homemade chutney gifts.

37 Grilling Kit with Homemade BBQ Sauce and a Homemade Rub

Grilling Kit with Homemade BBQ Sauce and a Homemade RubVia 38 Best DIY Food Gifts

Food gifts don't just have to be ingredients or food.

38 Steamer Basket Cheesecake

Steamer Basket CheesecakeVia Luscious Homemade Food Gifts

A steamer basket isn't a very exciting gift but pair it with a homemade cheesecake (or shop bought one) and it's a whole new ball game.

39 Hot Chocolate Cones

Hot Chocolate ConesVia Disney-Inspired Recipes |

Just a different way to present one of the most popular food gifts of all time.

40 Candy-Flavored Vodka-

Candy-Flavored Vodka-Via 38 Best DIY Food Gifts

Have some fun with different candy flavors.

41 Homemade Salsa

Homemade SalsaVia Homemade salsa gift idea w/ ...

Another food product that always goes down well.

42 Sea Shell Soup in a Jar

Sea Shell Soup in a JarVia between cottage and cabin: Soup-er ...

Now that's one impressive meal in a jar.

43 Homemade Lemon Curd

Homemade Lemon CurdVia Cathe Holden Label Designs - ...

A change from jam or jelly. A taste from down on the farm.

44 Homemade Caramel and Chocolate Sauce

Homemade Caramel and Chocolate SauceVia

Always a gift that will be gratefully received.

45 Pretzel Pencils for Teacher

Pretzel Pencils for TeacherVia Back-to-School Goodies

Your kids will go to the top of the class when they present teacher with these.

46 Homemade Cookie Dough

Homemade Cookie DoughVia

Thinking of the busy mum who doesn't have time to bake, but has time to put dough on a tray to cook? Perfect pressie then,

47 Sweet Bouquet

Sweet BouquetVia Mother's Day Crafts & Gifts ...

All made from yummy fruit!

48 Homemade Rice Mix

Homemade Rice MixVia Disney-Inspired Recipes |

Who doesn't love an easy dinner?

49 Homemade Flavored Salt

Homemade Flavored SaltVia Simple Handmade Gifts - Part ...

Right on trend for your gourmet friends.

50 Raw Honey Flavored with Essential Oils

Raw Honey Flavored with Essential OilsVia 3 Sample Jars 2oz Conventional ...

These are best given in sample sizes.

51 Snacks in a Jar

Snacks in a JarVia The No-Bake, No-Cook, No-Time Gift ...

No bake. No Cook.

beckham yummy ...

52 Seasonal Seasonings

Seasonal SeasoningsVia DIY: Thanksgiving Hostess Gift (Spice ...

This selection is of seasonal spices, but they don' have to be.

53 Salty Olive Oil Granola

Salty Olive Oil GranolaVia 24 Delicious Food Gifts That ...

Granola is always good in a jar.

54 Infused Vodka

Infused VodkaVia 38 Best DIY Food Gifts
There are lots of recipes online for flavored vodka.

55 Boozy Fruits

Boozy FruitsVia 40 Homemade Gifts from The ...

Fruits in alcohol work well. Try cherries in bourbon and peaches in amaretto.

56 Mulled Wine Kit

Mulled Wine KitVia 38 Best DIY Food Gifts

One of the classic food gifts.

57 Fruit Extracts

Fruit ExtractsVia Homemade Extracts | Spoon Fork ...

There are all sorts of fruit extracts to make.

58 Espresso-Flavored Sugar Cubes

Espresso-Flavored Sugar CubesVia 30 Homemade Food Gifts

Coffee lovers will be queuing up to receive these from you.

59 Fruit Messages

Fruit MessagesVia Valentine's day fruits with messages ...

Everyday gifts. Pop one in your kid's lunch box or your lover's brown bag.

60 Fried Chicken in a Jar Kit

Fried Chicken in a Jar KitVia How To Make A Fried ...

Who doesn't love fried chicken?

61 Oreo Cookies & Cream Spread

Oreo Cookies & Cream SpreadVia

A great way to dole out an Oreo fix.

62 S'mores Kit

S'mores KitVia The DIY Bride: DIY We ...
It actually looks kinda classy considering it's s'mores.

63 Sundae Gift Box

Sundae Gift BoxVia poca cosa

Cute for kids or a summer barbecue or pool party.

64 Bacon Bouquet

Bacon BouquetVia How To: Make a Bacon ...

When's it ok to give a man flowers? When the roses are made of bacon, of course!

65 Chocolate-Dipped Apricots

Chocolate-Dipped ApricotsVia 24 Delicious Food Gifts That ...

They don't have to be apricots. Any dried fruits would be brilliant.

66 Honey, Walnut, and Dried-Fruit Topping

Honey, Walnut, and Dried-Fruit ToppingVia Honey, Walnut, and Dried-Fruit Topping ...

Yummy topping for oats or yogurt.

67 DIY Sugar Cubes

DIY Sugar CubesVia DIY Sugar Cubes · Recipe ...

How sweet. How cute.

68 Baked Camembert Kit

Baked Camembert KitVia Baked Camembert kit

Cheese fanciers will love you forever.

The simplest food products, ingredients and recipes can make great food gifts - especailly if you invest some time and thought into their presentation.

Do you like to receive food as presents?

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