10 Wonderfully Delicious and Healthy Foods That Come in Wrapping ...


10 Wonderfully Delicious and Healthy Foods That Come in Wrapping ...
10 Wonderfully Delicious and Healthy Foods That Come in Wrapping ...

Healthy Foods that come in a wrapper-yes, they do exist! While fruits and veggies are very good for you, there ARE healthy foods out there that you don't have to wash or peel before you can eat them. So read my list on healthy foods that come in a wrapper, and then go stock up for those days you want to eat good-for-you foods, but you aren't in the mood to bust out the salad. You're gonna love this nifty little list!

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Baked Potato Chips

For those days when you crave something salty and crunchy, you can still have your "healthy foods" and eat them too! Baked potato ships have a much better effect on your diet than fried potato chips, and you won't feel guilty about eating them afterwards. Just remember, as with anything else, moderation is key!


String Cheese

String cheese is one of those healthy foods that come in a package that you can indulge in and not even think twice about it! Our bodies need a certain amount of dairy, and string cheese has good-for-you fats in it. You'll get that added burst of energy to get through the day!


Old Fashioned Quaker Oats

My husband and I consider oatmeal as one of the healthy foods that we love! We often have oatmeal for breakfast. Quakers oats are delicious and easy to fix. Even if you don't cook, you can whip up a bowl of this stuff easily!


Fiber One Cereal

I think just about everybody likes cereal! And surprisingly, it's considered one of the healthy foods that come in a package. Not ALL cereals are necessarily healthy for you, but Fiber One cereal is definitely in that category so go ahead and have it for a midnight snack!



I spent a very large part of my childhood growing up in Mexico, so the tortilla is a very familiar and comforting food to me. Corn tortillas are better for you than flour tortillas, but no matter which kind you choose, you will still be having something that's healthy for you! I like to have my tortillas with guacamole, sour cream, cilantro, sea salt, onions, and grilled steak strips.


Meatless Vegan Burgers

I'm not a vegan, or a vegetarian by any means, but even so, these burgers taste delicious! You should give them a try. They're a great and healthy alternative to fried, greasy and fatty burger. You should be able to find them in the freezer section at your local grocery store.


Almond Milk

I guess we can't really say that almond milk is one of the "healthy foods" that come in a package, but it is a "healthy liquid" that comes in a package! Creamier than skim milk, almond milk has half the calories. Just watch out for the sweetened varieties which can pack on additional calories.


Frozen Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the yummiest healthy foods ever, but who always has the time to wash, chop, and boil or steam fresh broccoli? Not me! So my solution is simple: Frozen broccoli! It's still yummy and with half the prep time!


Wheat Bread

For you carb lovers out there, here's one of the healthy foods to be excited about! Almost any wheat bread, especially wheat bread from a bakery, is extremely healthy for you! And you really can't tell a huge difference between white bread and wheat bread-but your body can! So choose the healthy path and go with wheat bread!


Vitalicious Vitatops

For those of you who haven't tried Vitalicious Vitatops-you don't know what you're missing! These things are a high-fiber brownie substitute with absolutely no preservatives! Check for them in the freezer section.

I love that I can grab something in a package for a snack and know that its just as healthy for me as a piece of fruit or a vegetable would be. Healthy foods are important to incorporate into your diet, and having this list of healthy foods that come in a package at your disposal, just made eating even MORE healthy foods that much easier! What are your favorite healthy foods that come in a package?

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