7 Ingredients You Need to Make a Beauty Cocktail ...


Did you know you can use your blender to make an incredible beauty cocktail? It takes just a few minutes to turn your blender into your beauty regimen’s best friend. Certain foods and liquids can truly change the look of your skin, not to mention you hair, skin, and even your mood! And we all know a happy woman is a beautiful thing! Try some of my favorite ingredients to make a beauty cocktail, then visit your local health food store and maybe a few stops online and create yours today.

1. Greens


One of the best and most important things to include in your beauty cocktail is greens. Greens are full of Vitamin A which helps promote clear skin, as well as beautiful eyes, healthy hair, and healthy nails. Greens also contain B vitamins and iron, plus fiber to keep your digestive tract healthy. Most importantly, they are alkaline, due to their chlorophyll content, which makes them green in color. Chlorophyll gives you great skin, detoxes every part of your body, and can help promote better insulin regulation as well. Add spinach, kale, celery, parsley, cilantro and romaine to your blender. Don’t worry - they’ll be completely covered up with the other tasty ingredients! Add 1-2 cups of whichever green you prefer. Spinach and romaine are two milder forms, while parsley and celery add a fun flavor twist. Cilantro and kale are amazing, but a bit more prominent, though some of my favorites too. If whole greens aren't your thing, feel free to use a powdered form instead.

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