7 Interesting Facts about Vegetables ...


I know we bombard you with all sorts of nutritional information and benefits of foodstuffs, so I thought I’d dish up some facts about vegetables with a bit of a difference. Knowing more about the food we nourish our bodies with is never going to be a bad thing is it? Without further ado, let’s plunge right in to this healthy serving of facts about vegetables.

1. Cook or No Cook?

Cook or No Cook?

Vegetables are generally low in calories and fat. They are incredibly nutritious and essential for health. One of the most basic facts about vegetables everyone should know is the effect of preparing and cooking them. The highest concentration of nutrients and vitamins in vegetables (and fruit) is found in the skin and directly beneath it. If you peel something, you lose some of its nutritional value. There is further attrition of the nutritional value during cooking. Soluble vitamins are at the greatest risk – particularly when you boil veg. Bear this in mind when cooking – there are plenty of ways to cook vegetables without boiling them.

A Dislike of Vegetables May Be Genetic
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