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7 Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Lose Weight ...

By Alicia

Did you know there are some very useful kitchen gadgets to help you lose weight? You most likely have a lot of tools right at your fingertips that you are not making the most of. These are common items found in most of our kitchens. Find out how to use kitchen gadgets to help you lose weight in this article.

1 Measuring Cups

Measuring CupsMeasuring cups are a dieting girl’s best friend. Did you know that most of us commonly overestimate what a true serving size is? Measuring cups can help you out with that. They help you to get the correct serving size and therefore, help skim off calories. This is one of the kitchen gadgets to help you lose weight.

2 Smaller Plates

Smaller PlatesSmaller plates are a kitchen tool that has been used for weight loss for many years. The idea is that using a smaller plate will keep you from overeating. You have less room on your plate so therefore you will eat less food. I have tried this trick before and it can be very helpful. The trick is that you also have to say no to seconds.

3 Scales

ScalesScales are a wonderful kitchen gadget to help you with weight loss. If you can’t weigh it, you can’t know if you have the correct measurement. It can be surprising to find out if what you have been guessing is what the correct portion size actually is. Scales can help you make sure that you are having the correct amount of a food. This helps you prevent going over on your daily calorie count.

4 Measuring Spoons

Measuring SpoonsMeasuring spoons can also be helpful when you are working toward losing weight. You will not use them as often as you do measuring cups or a scale, but they are useful. They come in handy when you are measuring out condiments such as butter or salad dressing. Once you get in the habit of using these gadgets to measure, you will be glad you did. You may just see pounds start to fall away.

5 A Muffin Pan

A Muffin PanAre you surprised to see a muffin pan on the list? They can be very helpful in losing weight but not in the way you might think. There are several different ways you can use them. They really help you to have a correct portion size. You can make mini meatloaves in them as well as other recipes. Even if you use them to bake cupcakes, they are useful because one cupcake is better than a supersize piece of cake.

6 Ziplock Bags

Ziplock BagsZiplock bags can be helpful in losing weight. They work wonderfully to premeasure snacks. This helps you to only eat one serving size and no more. You can also use them to help you take healthy snacks a long with you. It is much better to reach for a healthy snack from your purse instead of grabbing something from a vending machine.

7 Aluminum Foil

Aluminum FoilSurprised to see this one on the list? It certainly earns its place. Aluminum foil can be very helpful when you are trying to lose weight. You can use it to make more baked foods and less fried foods. You can also use this to make individual packets for meals.

These are some of the kitchen gadgets that you can use to help you lose weight. What other kitchen items do you use? I am excited to learn from you.

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