8 Kitchen Tips for Busy Girls ...


8 Kitchen Tips for Busy Girls ...
8 Kitchen Tips for Busy Girls ...

If you seem to be on the go constantly, then chances are you need a few kitchen tips for busy girls! I love kitchen tips that are time savers, because don't we all have better things to do with our time than spend half of it in the kitchen? I know I sure do! So here are a few of the best kitchen tips for busy girls that you will ever come across. If you're a mom, you will love these awesome kitchen tips!

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Get a Faucet Filter

Installing a filter to your kitchen faucet is a good idea in more ways than one. Not only will it save you money, but you will have fresh drinking water at your disposal any time you need it! No more messing with pitchers, water bottles, or gallon jugs. Plus, your kids can get a drink anytime they need it, and if they don't drink it all, you won't feel like hard-earned money is being wasted like you would if you bought bottled water.


Have a Dry Erase Board

One of the top kitchen tips I can give you is to have a dry erase board hanging in your kitchen. You can use it for so many different things! Lists, menus, reminders, schedules and even little love notes. Plus, it's a good way for kids to entertain themselves while you are cooking dinner or on a rainy day.


Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand

You've heard the old saying, out of sight, out of mind. Well, this is very true when it comes to unhealthy snacks. If you keep them on hand, you will want to munch. So keep bowls of fruit and other things like granola bars around. They make for quick and healthy snacks you can eat on the run or give to your kids.


Buy a Crock Pot

I can't tell you the number of times this kitchen tip has come in handy! Crock pots are perfect for working moms or for lazy days. You can throw a few ingredients in there, and 4-6 hours later you have a delish meal for your family, and minimal clean-up! Works great for days you are gone until the evening.


Learn to Freeze

A kitchen tip that I learned a long time ago and have valued ever since then, is freezing your meals! Make extra, and pop the leftovers in the freezer. Makes for a quick meal when you need it. The same applies to other stuff like juice, cookie dough, bread, and those sorts of things.


Use Storage Containers

There's nothing like reaching for a bag of flour or a box of cereal only to find it stale and dried out. Here is one of my fave kitchen tips of all time! Get some good, airtight storage containers that you can use to put food in. By doing this, you will keep your food fresher longer, saving you time and money!


Have "Self-Serve" Areas

If you have small children, you should make sure that you always have some non-messy food items that they can get to themselves without your help. I like to use a lower shelf in the pantry for this purpose. This kitchen tip saves you from having to stop what you are doing every time someone needs a snack!


Use Binders

Here's a kitchen tip that will come in handy: Keep grocery lists and family favorite recipes all together in a binder. This way, you will have everything you need in arms length at a moments notice. I like to have several different sections in mine, for organizational purposes.

I hope this list of kitchen tips has been useful for you! When it comes to our time, saving as much of it as possible can be a lifesaver on more than one occasion! I can guarantee you that these kitchen tips will do more than just save time, they will save you sanity as well! If you have any kitchen tips of your own to share, please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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i love to cook and this has givin me another reason to enjoy it even more YAY

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