2 Minute Tortilla Meals for Any Time of Day


2 Minute Tortilla Meals for Any Time of Day
2 Minute Tortilla Meals for Any Time of Day

Are you famished and need something quick? These recipes are for you. Learn how to make meals using tortilla wraps in this video.

Really, any of these 3 recipes may be eaten at any time of day. Tortilla Breakfast in the morning. Tortilla Chips for lunch. Tortilla Pizza for dinner. Don't forget to snack!

All you need is a microwave and 2 minutes. Purchase all ingredients from the local dollar store! Tortilla wraps, eggs, cheese, pizza toppings of your choice, pizza sauce, and oil. Do you realize how much money you are going to save and how delicious the tortilla are going to taste?

Have a wonderful day!

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