9 Natural Fat-Burning Foods to Fire up Your Metabolism ...


When you’re trying to lose weight, make things a bit easier on yourself by eating natural fat-burning foods. Your weight loss becomes effortless since these foods fill you up faster, increase your energy, and prevent overeating. The key to real weight loss is about eating foods that work for your body and that aren't a waste of nutrition or calories. Dig into these natural fat-burning foods and you’ll see the pounds come off in no time! No calorie-counting necessary!

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Raw Coconut

Raw coconut products are some of the best natural fat-burning foods you can eat since they contain vitamins, minerals, and fats that help you halt those cravings you're having! Choose raw coconut butter, oil, shreds, milk, or cream and have a couple servings a day to get the greatest benefits.


Red Bell Peppers

Next time you’re craving something sweet, slice up a red bell pepper instead of reaching for the cookies. Per pepper, this fruit has 333% of your daily Vitamin C, a fat-burning nutrient that increases metabolic rate and reduces inflammation.



Spinach is a unique leafy green, with 5 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, plus iron, B vitamins, and Vitamin C to support weight loss. If you're tired of kale, eat up more spinach however you can, and watch the pounds melt away!


Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt

Nonfat plain Greek yogurt is one of the best natural fat-burning foods you can eat. It’s full of protein, B vitamins, magnesium, probiotics, and potassium to stave off hunger and also lower cortisol, a stress hormone that stores fat in your body. Just choose varieties without added sugars and you'll be good to go!


Raw Cacao

Raw cacao is one of the best natural fat-burning foods to eat because it contains fiber, protein, magnesium, and healthy fats that work magically in your body to burn up fat, lower sugar cravings, and increase your energy. Have a few pieces a day and watch the weight fall off!


Flax Seeds

Flax contain phytoestrogens and omega 3s that steady your hormone levels, which is crucial for weight loss. Flax is also almost 100% fiber in terms of carbohydrate content, which means it is better for your blood sugar than starchy foods like grains that might raise your blood sugar.


Wild Fish

Wild fish is incredible for your waistline, since it has been linked to belly fat reduction and even lower rates of heart disease. Choose salmon and halibut for the highest omega 3 content, which is where the fat-burning magic occurs, and try to pair it with leafy greens or veggies.



Rich in fiber, magnesium, and protein to lower sugar cravings and keep you full, almonds are your appetite and metabolism's best friend. Choose raw and unsalted for the best benefits and nosh on them when you get the munchies in between meals!



If you don't already love your lemons, it's time to start ASAP! Lemons are full of Vitamin C to burn fat, and they also detox your liver from harmful fats. Plus, they contain no sugar so they're blood sugar friendly too.

Be sure you eat more of these fat-burning foods and avoid processed foods as much as possible for the best weight loss results. The key to burning fat effectively is by filling up on leafy greens, lean protein, low-glycemic veggies, and eating healthy sources of fat and fiber. When you focus on those things, calories naturally level out at optimal levels. Do you have a favorite fat-burning food I should know about?

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Yes, drink lots of plain water and cut off your usual food intake....

Drinking a lot of water!!!

Love this

love it!

Adding cayenne pepper to your food may assist in burning fat

Celery is also great for burning fat

Wow I never new deffo gotta try

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