8 of the Best Foods to Eat in Your 20s ...


Now that youโ€™re in your 20s, you might begin to realize that your body just canโ€™t take the foods you were eating in your teenage years, so I have prepared for you key foods to eat in your 20s. Youโ€™re not in college anymore. Itโ€™s about that time to stop calling Dominos at 3 A.M. or grabbing Burger King for lunch. Now that you have entered the so-called real world you may think that with all of the chaos there is no time to really think about what you consume. There are so many easy-prep foods to eat in your 20s that are healthy and will help you maintain the body you want to keep.

1. Lean Beef

This is good for all of the burger lovers. Lean beef is high in protein and iron. Iron-deficiency is common with women in their 20s. Lack of iron can cause weakness, fatigue, and inability to pay attention. Eating meat is one of the easier ways to get enough iron into your system. Lean beef will ensure that youโ€™ll get plenty of iron and protein to keep your energy levels up, without the excessive fat. Although steak has a bad rap, it actually may help peel off those extra pounds. Lean beef is just one of the foods to eat in your 20's.

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