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9 of Today's Ambrosial Recipes for Ladies Who Want a Meal They'll Never Forget ...

By Sophie

Hello, hungry girls! It's time for your recipe inspiration straight from the best of Instagram. But first, here's your cooking tip for the day:

Sharp knives are safer and more efficient than dull ones so sharpen yours often.

Bon appetit!

1 Recipe by @mrcookingpanda - 2253 Likes

2 Recipe by @love_food - 50972 Likes

3 Recipe by @buzzfeedtasty - 128942 Likes

4 Recipe by @tipsybartender - 21428 Likes

5 Recipe by @spoonuniversity - 1151 Likes

6 Recipe by @recipe_tin - 1795 Likes

7 Recipe by @getinmybellyofficial - 564 Likes

8 Recipe by @tastemade - 24377 Likes

9 Recipe by @thefeedfeed - 6205 Likes

Are you hungry now? I bet you can't wait to try these delicious recipes as soon as possible. If you have a tasty recipe account that you love, please share with us.

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