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10 of Today's Delectable Recipes for Girls Who Will Never Turn down a Meal ...

By Sophie

Hello, hungry girls! It's time for your recipe inspiration straight from the best of Instagram. But first, here's your cooking tip for the day:

Use parchment paper when baking to keep things from sticking to your pans.

Bon appetit!

1 Recipe by @spoonuniversity - 1081 Likes

2 Recipe by @twisted_food - 14943 Likes

3 Recipe by @alidaryder - 175 Likes

4 Recipe by @thefeedfeed - 5243 Likes

5 Recipe by @tipsybartender - 21235 Likes

6 Recipe by @rekhakakkar - 465 Likes

7 Recipe by @getinmybellyofficial - 378 Likes

8 Recipe by @tastemade - 33616 Likes

9 Recipe by @mrcookingpanda - 3497 Likes

10 Recipe by @pannacooking - 152 Likes

Are you hungry now? I bet you can't wait to try these delicious recipes as soon as possible. If you have a tasty recipe account that you love, please share with us.

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