Pappy's Sassafras Tea ...

By Leiann

Pappy's Sassafras Tea ...

With this YouTube video, learn how to make Pappy's Sassafras Tea!

I bought some of this tea concentrate at my local grocery store months ago, but did not like it. However, after viewing the above video, I learned that I was doing it all wrong. I really like iced tea. I can never find just the right method or recipe, other than when ordering at a restaurant.

When making Pappy's Sassafras Tea in a pitcher, I was not using enough of the tea concentrate! In the video, he states to pour in the whole bottle. Although this may seem like quite an expensive habit, you can buy a bottle for less than $3.00. Compare that amount to a soda habit!

So, grab a bottle at the grocery store for a new way to make some iced tea!

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