7 Portable Snacks to Keep in Your Pocketbook ...


Hereโ€™s what is likely to happen if you leave the house without a healthy snack: youโ€™ll get hungry and without anything in your bag, youโ€™ll grab something from the vending machine or the drive-thru to satisfy your hunger. The problem with that is that those choices are rarely healthy and when you snack you want something that will give you some nutrients and energy until your next meal. Wondering what you carry with you next time you leave the house? Here are your best options.

1. A Small Bag of Pumpkin Seeds is Perfect

A Small Bag of Pumpkin Seeds is Perfect

Pumpkin seeds are super easy to find in supermarkets and gas stations and they make a wonderful snack. Not only are the seeds packed with important vitamins and minerals you need every day, but they also contain fiber and protein, which will satisfy your appetite and help you stay feeling full.

Try Some Jerky Next Time Youโ€™re Hungry
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