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Put That Pan down Awesome Raw Foods You Can Eat to Avoid Cooking and Get Healthier ...

By Eliza

Hate cooking? Want to get healthier? Good news! You can eat raw foods and make strides in perfecting your health in many ways. I know it’s a pain to finish a long day, then have to come home and prepare a meal. If you’re up for trying something new, the raw diet might just be the answer for you. The diet can be beneficial for your health as many foods are healthier when they are raw (think fruits and veggies) because they don’t lose as many nutrients. While not all aspects of the raw food idea are totally convenient, at least you won’t have to heat up the oven or cook anything. Here are some of the best foods to choose.

1 Pretty Much Any Kind of Fruit You Love Best

According to raw food experts, any kind of fruit works, so go ahead and pile your cart with all your favorites. Raw fruits are loaded with fiber, which your body needs for many reasons. It’s also chock full of vitamins A and C, potassium and other nutrients that will do your body good.

2 Crisp, Leafy Lettuce

Salads are such a convenient food for the raw food trend. Why? Because they are basically just a big bowl of chopped, raw veggies. You can mix and match all your favorites and still have a great, healthy meal. You can start your salad with virtually any kind of lettuce, even iceberg. Other great choices include romaine, red leaf and those crazy varieties you see at farmers’ markets.

3 The Humble Tuber

Tubers are veggies that grow underground. Despite what you’ve heard, they are pretty good for you. Because these foods grow underground like a root, they soak up the nutrients in the soil, filling them with all the stuff that’s good for you. Great options are carrots and jicama. Not all tubers are palatable raw, but you can enjoy some of them that way.

4 A Nice Handful of Crunchy Nuts or Seeds

There’s nothing better for a snack than a handful of almonds, sunflower seeds or pecans. Turns out they are perfect choices for the raw food movement. They don’t need to be prepped before eating, other than removing the shell. You can eat them plain or mix them into salads. Other good options are cashews, pistachios, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.

5 Creamy, Dreamy Avocados

Avocados are rich in healthy fats, which makes them a great choice. You almost always eat them raw, making them great if you want foods you don’t have to cook. They are higher in calories than other raw foods, so you probably want to eat them in moderation instead of loading up on avocado at every meal. They are a great addition to salads and make a wonderful snack.

6 Tasty, Fresh Coconut

If you ask me, coconuts are seriously underrated. They are pretty easy to find at most supermarkets and all you have to do is crack them open and you can eat the rich, tasty flesh. You can also drink the coconut water. It’s super hydrating and has electrolytes your body needs for good health.

7 Raw Chocolate Bars

Yep, you totally read that right! You can still enjoy chocolate on a raw food meal plan. However, you must choose the raw cacao version otherwise you’re eating something that has been cooked. So go ahead and nibble on some! Your health will thank you.

There you have it – some awesome new foods for you to add to your diet. Which one will you try first? What other tips do you have to share about eating raw?

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