7 Reasons to Eat Cucumbers Regularly ...


There are loads of reasons to eat cucumbers. You might look at this vegetable and not see much. After all, it isn’t classified as a super food and it doesn’t appear too often in gourmet meals. But sometimes the most humble of foods can give you a wealth of health benefits that totally make it worth it. Cucumbers are one such veggie. Use them in salads or on sandwiches. Make tzatiki sauce or just snack on them with ranch dressing. No matter how you eat them, there are plenty of reasons to eat cucumbers, so toss some in your cart next time you get groceries.

1. Water Content

One of the best reasons to eat cucumbers is that they are loaded with water. It’s important to get enough fluids every day because your body relies on that fluid to stay healthy. However, you don’t have to get it all from your water bottle. Eating foods that are high in water also contribute. A cup of cucumbers contains 115 grams of water, so eat up!

Low in Calories
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