7 Reasons to Make Your Own Salad Dressing ...


It might seem tedious to make your own salad dressing, but it’s not as hard as you think. Once you know the basics, it can actually be a really creative experience to make your own salad dressing. Homemade salad dressing allows you to control the ingredients in your favorite salads. You’ll also avoid a ton of gross and nasty components that are common in salad dressings—even ‘light’ and ‘low-fat’ varieties. If you’re still not convinced, consider these seven fantastic benefits to making homemade salad dressings.

1. Fewer Calories

Did you know that a mere two tablespoons of regular ranch dressing can have as much as 210 calories? Making your own versions of otherwise fattening salad dressings is a resourceful alternative to bottled dressings that pack a ton of calories in a tiny portion. Make your own salad dressing with Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise and you’ll instantly save loads of calories with a much healthier ranch dressing recipe. It will taste just as great and chances are you won’t even realize it’s homemade!

No Added Sugar
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