Recipe for Cranberry and Hazelnut Cookies ...

By Glenys

Recipe  for Cranberry and Hazelnut  Cookies  ...

Ideal for Christmastime or any time, this recipe for Cranberry and Hazelnut Cookies are a well-deserved treat. These dinky little cookies are perfect as a snack item at any time of the day. The cranberries, oats, and hazelnuts give you a great nutritional boost.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 6 minutes

Serves: makes 30 cookies

Energy: 60 calories per cookie

Mixing bowl
Baking sheet

50g unsalted butter or polyunsaturated margarine
40g granulated sugar
25g soft light brown sugar
1 egg
Vanilla extract
150g self-raising flour
50g rolled oats
50g dried cranberries
40g hazelnuts


Lightly beat the egg

Sift the flour

Beat together the butter, both the sugars, egg, vanilla extract all together

Stir in the flour

Chop the cranberries and hazelnuts

Stir into the batter

Line the baking sheet with greaseproof paper/baking parchment

Place teaspoonfuls of the batter on the sheet and flatten lightly with a fork

Bake in a 180°C (450°F) preheated oven for 5-6 minutes until browned

Transfer to a wire rack to cool

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