7 Scary Ingredients Found in Most Energy Bars ...


I used to live off energy bars for breakfasts, snacks and sometimes even dinner, until I learned they're made of and what scary ingredients in most energy bars actually do to you. I thought that buying low-carb, low-fat, or special energy enhancing bars meant I was doing something healthy for my body. Now, I look at labels on those products and cringe! If you’re not sure why you should avoid energy bars, then let me fill you in on the scary ingredients in most energy bars and protein bars that most likely you’re consuming. I know they’re convenient, but truly, they’re terrible for your body. Quit wasting your money on a processed energy bar when you could grab an apple and some raw nuts for much less money. You'll also be fuller longer and be eating pure raw foods with no ingredient list at all.Either way,,stay away from these scary ingredients in most protein bars above all else.

1. Soy Protein Isolates

Most protein bars on the market today that aren’t organic will list this as one of the very first ingredients on the nutrition label, and it is one of the worst scary ingredients in most energy bars of all! Soy protein isolates are GMO forms of highly processed soy that do offer a large amount of protein, but at what cost? Well, for starters, this form of soy is very acidic to the body, which leads to inflammation, and it also lowers your thyroid function, which can slow your metabolism and throw your hormones out of whack. If that’s not enough, this form of soy is full of lecithins, which have been shown to increase depression due to their effect on the neurotransmitters in the brain, and this type of processed food has even been linked to various forms of cancer. Stay away from this manmade soy product. It isn’t safe, isn’t good for you, and I don’t care what bodybuilder or skinny fitness model is promoting it, it’s all marketing!

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
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