Should You Follow the Kombucha Trend?


Should You Follow the Kombucha Trend?
Should You Follow the Kombucha Trend?

If you like to follow health and fitness trends online, it will be hard to miss the buzz around Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented type of tea that has been consumed for literally thousands of years in other parts of the world, but its popularity is only just starting to be felt on the western side of the globe, with many experts and gurus praising the impact that it can have on your health. What you need to know therefore is what are the benefits of kombucha?

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Kombucha is an amazingly rich source of probiotics, and as you probably know, probiotics are essential for achieving and maintaining good digestive health. Think of Kombucha as something that can help to keep the bacterial balance in your stomach just right.


Green Tea

You know all of the benefits of green tea that people go on and on about in health circles, well, it appears as though kombucha can provide pretty much all of those benefits too. It can give you a different and varied kind of option when you get tired of drinking green tea all the time.



Kombucha is packed full of antioxidants, and if you don’t know by now, then antioxidants are basically substances that fight against free radicals within the body that can damage your cells if left to run riot without opposition. The more antioxidants you have coursing through you, the healthier you are going to be.


Bacteria Killer

We already know that kombucha can have a positive effect on good bacteria in your stomach, but something it can also do is fight the onset of infection thanks to its strong antibacterial qualities.


Reduce Heart Risk

Kombucha has the power to greatly improve two distinct markers of heart disease. It can lower levels of LDL and raise levels of HDL, which are both great signs for your cholesterol



Several recent studies have shown to prove that kombucha can have a great impact on your body’s prevention of developing things like type 2 diabetes, and this is all down to the fact that it can actually reduce your blood sugar levels.


Cancer Protection

Cancer is characterised by cell growth that can’t be controlled, and the good news is that kombucha can actually fight against this occurring within the body because its high concentration of polyphenols prevents the growth and spread of cells.

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