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9 Simple Ways to Eat More Vegetables ...

By Alison

Eating more vegetables is bound to be beneficial to your diet. Many of us just don´t consume enough veggies, even though they provide fibre and vitamins, and help to fill us up. Maybe we avoid eating more vegetables because they are seen as boring, or complicated to prepare. That´s just not true! Here are some easy ways to eat more vegetables …

1 Smoothies

No doubt you´ve already tried a delicious fruit smoothie; one of the best ways to eat more vegetables is to make a vegetable version. It can be pure vegetables, or mixed with fruit (carrot and orange is a great combination). See my post on vegetable smoothies for more ideas.

2 Sauces

Hiding vegetables in sauces is a method often used by sneaky parents to get vegetables into fussy children. If you want to add more vegetables to your own diet, follow the same tip. Okay, you´re not trying to fool yourself, but chop or mince veggies and throw them into a sauce – you can add a lot that way.

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3 Salads

Salads are an ideal summer lunch or accompaniment, and offer an easy way of eating more vegetables. There are lots of veggies that you can add to salads; try avocados, sliced peppers or mushrooms for starters. Fried mushrooms are also great in salads.

4 Omelettes

Omelettes are popular for a quick and easy to prepare meal, and it doesn´t take long to chop up some veggies to add to the eggs. Try onions, peppers or mushrooms. Serve with a salad, and you´ll consume a good portion of vegetables.

5 Dip

This is a smart way of upping your intake, because it offers a double dose of veggies. First, you can make a dip from vegetables. Then you can use raw veggies (very nutritious) to dunk in the dip. Great for a starter or for summer.

6 Meat Loaf

As well as accompanying dishes like meat loaf, vegetables can be included in the meat loaf itself. I often make a veggie version with lentils, and add vegetables like sliced mushrooms and chopped peppers. This adds extra flavour and texture; if you then serve a vegetable side dish, you´ll be consuming plenty.

7 Casseroles & Stews

This may be more of a winter dish, but casseroles and stews offer endless possibilities when it comes to adding vegetables. There are so many combinations; you can buy whatever you most like, or use up odds and ends that you have left over.

8 Juices

Of all the ways to eat more vegetables, what could be better than juicing them? Invest in a juicer, and you can make a refreshing, nutritious, pure vegetable juice in seconds. If you think you wouldn´t like vegetable juice, head to a juice bar and try some out – you never know what combinations you´ll enjoy until you try them!

9 Soup

In colder weather, there´s nothing like a homemade soup to warm you up. Plus it´s really simple to make, and you can choose any combination of vegetables. In summer, why not try a chilled soup, like the classic gazpacho – it´s so refreshing on a hot day.

With a little bit of effort there are plenty of ways to eat more vegetables. They´re so good for you, and can be really delicious too. We need the fibre and the vitamins in our diet, so up your veggie intake! Have you found any great ways of eating more vegetables?

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