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If you love juices but can’t be bothered to make your own, you might frequent a local juice bar. When you go to a juice bar, you are avoiding all the extras that processed juices contain so you know you’re getting a healthy blast of pure nutrition. So where are the best juice bars? As ranked by The Daily Meal these are the top 15 juice bars that serve the most delicious and nutritious juices across the USA.

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Juice Press – New York City

Juice Press, produce, plant, fruit, food, With over 30 different locations across New York and soon to be a presence in Boston too, Juice Press is a giant in the NYC juice industry! The company offers a wide range of delicious products that takes all of the negative aspects of juice cleansing away. As well as the delicious juices, they also offer power-packed immunity shots. Their most popular blends are Advanced Berry Blend and Clean Green Protein.


Juice Press is a popular juice bar chain in New York City with over 30 locations across the city, and soon to be a presence in Boston. They offer a wide range of delicious products, including juices, smoothies, immunity shots, and power-packed protein blends. Their most popular blends are Advanced Berry Blend and Clean Green Protein.

Juice Press is committed to providing the highest quality, organic, non-GMO, cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Their juices are made from fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and are 100% free of preservatives, additives, and artificial ingredients. They also offer a variety of vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free options.

In addition to their juices, Juice Press also offers an extensive selection of food and snacks. Their menu includes salads, wraps, sandwiches, bowls, and snacks such as energy bars and protein balls. They also have a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free options.

At Juice Press, customers can also purchase a variety of health and wellness products, including vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies. Customers can also take advantage of their juice cleanse programs, which are designed to help reset the body and promote health and wellness.


Pressed Juicery – Beverly Hills

Blueprint Juice Nutrition Label, downtown, 84CK, ITTTI, GET, This brand began in Beverly Hills but now has 30 stores across the US coast to coast. The menu includes 30 amazing recipes for juices that all boast special and individual qualities, from the Brazil Nut juice to the Chocolate Almond juice, one of their most popular products! If you’re not sure about juicing and its benefits, the 3-juice sampler pack is an ideal way to give it a go.


Juiceland – Austin

pink, mobile device, bag, OPEN, wooow, Juiceland opened in 2011 but quickly grew to become one of the country’s leading juice shops. Originally opened in Austin, there are now 15 locations States-wide. Using only locally-sourced ingredients, the company is ethically minded as well as having a whole host of quirkily named juices like the Valley Girl, Hot Pink and the Cool It Now! The menu offers 27 juices all of which are cold-pressed and made with locally grown organic ingredients.


In the heart of Austin's vibrant community, Juiceland doesn't just serve up refreshing beverages; it's a sanctuary for health aficionados. It proudly showcases a dynamic menu, ensuring there's a perfect concoction for every taste. Beyond their whimsically named offerings, they also cater to those seeking a nutrient-packed meal replacement with their robust smoothies and açaí bowls. It's this dedication to quality and flavor that sets Juiceland apart from the crowd and cements its place as a jewel in the crown of the American juice bar industry. With sustainability at its core, every sip supports local agriculture.


Juice Shop – San Francisco

lip, doHS, JUICE, The story behind this company is amazing. Its co-founder, Charlie Gulick, was diagnosed with a rare liver condition and went on a life journey to make his diet and lifestyle as healthy as possible. He went raw and natural. His passion for clean living gave birth to the Juice Shop in 1998. Now in 13 locations, it specializes in beverages that offer numerous health benefits.


Charlie's transformative journey spurred his dedication to sharing the power of nourishing juices with others. By exclusively using organic ingredients, the Juice Shop ensures that every sip is not only a burst of flavor but also a step towards well-being. The kale-aid and the pineapple pear ginger blends are customer favorites, revered for their invigorating taste and purported wellness properties. Whether detoxifying with a green drink or enjoying a tropical concoction, visitors leave feeling refreshed and inspired by Charlie's commitment to health and vitality.


Jugofresh – Miami

person, hairstyle, singer, singing, With 13 stores throughout Florida, Jugofresh is the Sunshine State’s go to juice place! There are 30 juices on the menu, all of which offer a healthy and delicious alternative to a soda or a coffee. Treat your body well and pay a visit to choose a single juice or one of the four levels of cleansing.


Jugofresh prides itself on using fresh, organic ingredients to craft its vibrant array of juices, smoothies, and wellness shots. Whether you're after the detoxifying properties of leafy greens or the tropical sweetness of mango and pineapple, there's a concoction for every palate. Nutrition-conscious Floridians love the brand's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, from responsible sourcing to minimalist packaging. If you're looking to ignite your taste buds while indulging in a wellness experience, make Jugofresh your refreshing pit stop.


Juice – Nashville

Juice, produce, nectar, plant, food, This store originally began as a mobile juice bar, and was actually the first to offer cold pressed juices in Tennessee! Juice has grown into a chain of 11 locations and they offer 11 raw, cold-pressed, and unpasteurized juices full of kale, lemon, collard greens - all of the great stuff that keeps you healthy! Fancy a Zing! Or a I Heart Carrots?


The charm of Juice lies not only in their commitment to wellness but also in their innovative blends that cater to diverse palates. Whether you're after a detoxifying Green Lemonade or craving something sweet like the Berry Good smoothie, their menu is a testament to their passion for health and flavor. Moreover, Juice extends its offerings to hearty acai bowls and wellness shots, ensuring there’s something revitalizing for every health enthusiast. Don’t miss the chance to grab their signature Pineapple Upside Down juice, a local favorite that reflects Nashville’s vibrant health scene.


Peeled Juice Bar - Chicago

drink, soft drink, food, cola, milkshake, Peeled Juice Bar offers a limited menu of just 10 juice recipes in two city locations, but what is lacks in quantity it certainly makes up for in quality, with its amazing cleanse package being among the most loved and used in the entire country. Peeled calls itself a team of local artisans who truly believe in the healing power of hand-crafted cold-pressed juices.


Each cold-pressed concoction at Peeled Juice Bar is a testament to the bar's dedication to wellness and flavor. Their cleanse package is particularly lauded, designed to detoxify and energize the body with a series of nutrient-dense juices. Patrons rave about the palpable health benefits and the vibrancy they feel after subscribing to these regimens. Beyond cleanses, the focused selection of juices caters to a variety of palates and dietary needs, ensuring that even with a modest menu, there's a perfect blend for everyone seeking a healthful boost.


KURE Juice Bar – Portland

dish, food, hand, OTHER, KURE Juice was started by two best friends who were looking for a product that would help them balance their lives and their health. Five years later their array of potions (which includes juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls) are looking after the health of many of Portland’s residents. Their motto is burn the candle at both ends; it brings twice the light!


KURE's vibrant menu sings with locally sourced ingredients and a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Whether you're craving the Antidote – a citrus kick packed with echinacea for immune support – or the Nutty by Nature smoothie with its rich blend of almond butter, their offerings promise a delicious health boost. And don't forget to treat yourself to one of the delectable acai bowls, topped with granola and fresh berries. It's not just about sipping on goodness; it's a delightful experience that nourishes body and soul.


Evolution Fresh – Washington

green, footwear, shoe, hand, jewellery, The creator of Evolution Fresh was inspired by the oranges that grew in his garden and the realization that pure juice is best - raw, organic and fresh. Though Evolution Fresh is based in Washington State, it struck a deal with Starbucks which means that you can try their amazing products at your nearest green coffee store! They have 30 great flavors and they do a line of delicious frozen yogurts too.


Featuring cold-pressed juices packed with essential nutrients and enzymes, Evolution Fresh takes pride in its quality. Their juices are never heated, ensuring that they retain their natural flavors and benefits. It's not just about quenching thirst; it’s about savoring life-enhancing goodness with every sip. Whether you're grabbing a super green smoothie or indulging in a tangy citrus kick, they cater to every palate. Their commitment to wellness echoes in their community-focused ethos, making them a staple for health enthusiasts and casual juice lovers alike. Don’t miss their sublime blends—they’re a true liquid luxury!


Melvin’s Juice Box – New York City

turquoise, aqua, blue hawaii, 41N, ice, The owner of Melvin’s Juice Box (Melvin Major jnr) is a twenty-year veteran of the artisan juice scene! His organic juices have been fuelling the people of New York for ages with many saying that the Juice Box is one of the city’s best-kept secrets! Melvin’s is in four locations in NYC and customers seem most impressed by the Body Good Cleanse: a package of six juice flavors and one booster shot per day.


Melvin Major Jr. has indeed become somewhat of a juice whisperer, concocting vibrant blends from top-grade organic produce that are both nourishing and utterly delicious. His intimate knowledge of juice pairings and health benefits propels the Juice Box beyond a mere pit stop to a wellness destination. Regulars rave about the signature Detox specials, while newcomers are often pleasantly surprised by the Tropical Fantasy, a lush mix that instantly transports your senses to an island paradise. Plus, with smoothie bowls and energy bites on the menu, there's no shortage of wholesome goodness!


Dtox Juice – Atlanta

picnic, party, dtox, dtox Juice has five different locations and will even deliver to you within a five-mile radius! They boast 10 special recipes on their menu which also includes teas, lattes and over beverages, with the traditional favorite being Green Pineapple, with others like Dtox Energy and Beety Mary following close behind.


Dtox Juice isn't just about quenching your thirst; they're committed to a cleanse for the mind, body, and soul. All ingredients are fresh, organic, and aimed at promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Their custom cleanses offer options for first-timers and detox veterans alike. What's more, they serve up wellness shots for that quick health fix and seasonal specials ensuring you get the best produce at its peak. For Atlantans on the go, the mobile app makes ordering your favorite juices as easy as tapping the screen—convenience and health seamlessly blended, just like their smoothies!


Kreation Organic Kafe & Juicery – Santa Monica

drink, produce, alcoholic beverage, juice, soft drink, These guys have nine stores, a juice car, a juice truck and a detox car, so they pretty much have you covered if you are anywhere near the Santa Monica area! With a menu of 30 juices, they are best known for their popular ‘kleanse’ packages of which there are four levels: reboot, grounding, flourish and premium detox.


Each kleanse package is carefully designed to meet different health and lifestyle needs, whether you're a newbie to cleansing or a detox devotee. With their cold-pressed method, Kreation Organic Kafe & Juicery ensures that every drop is packed with nutrients. Their juices range from sweet and fruity to green and veggie-packed, appealing to all palates. Regulars rave about the unique blends and the boost in energy and wellness they feel. If you find yourself craving something more substantial, their organic eats, from quinoa bowls to vegan treats, are equally as nourishing and delicious.


Jugos – Boston

footwear, magenta, lip, shoe, JuGD5, With just one store, Jugos focuses on quality over quantity in Boston and has become a favorite with the locals. Their special La Leche and Le Verde juices are filled with calcium, greens and protein.


Jugos might be a small oasis in the city, but it’s mighty in its offerings, with a vibrant selection that includes detoxifying elixirs and energy-boosting blends. Health-conscious Bostonians swear by their signature shots, like the ginger-based Zinger, to kickstart their mornings. And for those with a sweet tooth, the Berry Powerful smoothie is a deliciously indulgent yet nutritious treat. Jugos’ dedication to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients means every sip supports both wellness and community.


The Juicy Café – Seattle

pink, food, milkshake, dessert, drink, The Juicy Café (two locations) is most well known for its list ‘remedy’ recipe choices, with popular juices like the Cold + Flu Buster, packed with lemon and ginger and other ingredients to help you fight illness. You can also order “vital shots” which includes whammies like wheatgrass, ginger, lemon and cayenne – plenty of anti-inflammatories there.


The health-focused menu extends beyond remedies to include a vibrant selection of smoothies, acai bowls, and wellness lattes that cater to the health-conscious crowd. Nurturing both body and soul, you'll find creations brimming with superfoods like chia seeds, aloe vera, and matcha – all designed for maximum energy and vitality. The café's dedication to wholesome, nutrient-rich offerings makes it a favorite among locals and visitors alike, earning it a solid reputation for those seeking a wellness boost in a glass.


Beverly Hills Juice – Los Angeles

sunglasses, vision care, green, fashion accessory, blond, Founder David Otto became vegetarian in order to try to improve his own health, and when he experienced such great results, he decided to share his findings with Los Angeles by opening this beloved juice bar in 1975. One of the favorite items among the 25 on the menu is not a juice but his Banana Manna Shake – made with a vegan ice cream.

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