10 Simple Ways to Makeover Your Fridge to Lose Weight ...


10 Simple Ways to Makeover Your Fridge to Lose Weight ...
10 Simple Ways to Makeover Your Fridge to Lose Weight ...

When you are determined and driven to lose weight with the current regime that you have put in place at the gym, the one thing that you absolutely need to do in order to complement this is make sure that your kitchen is playing along! If your fridge at home is still filled with all of the temptations and ingredients from your old lifestyle, then staying on the health and fitness wagon is going to be so much harder than it needs to be! Here is are ten ways to makeover your fridge to lose weight.

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Clean Sweep

If you can afford to, do a total clean sweep of the fridge so that you can start again! Throw away things like sauces, dressing, condiments, not to mention any snacks that might be lurking in the back. It’s time to get serious with your food choices!


Go Green

You want the predominant colour in your fridge to be green. The more variety you have in the vegetables at your disposal, the less bored you will be with your diet and the more nutrition you will get.



Give yourself a good variety of yoghurts to eat. They should be your go-to dessert or snack when you are craving something sweet but healthy at the same time.


Portion Control

Get to grips with the factor of portion control. You can do this by pre-preparing things like salads and using Tupperware to store them in your fridge ready for a single, healthy portion to be taken out and eaten.



Try to keep your fridge as colourful as you can, with all the colours of the rainbow being represented in terms of fruits and vegetables. The more bright and colourful your fridge starts to look, the more healthy it is going to be.


Meal Prep

Use your fridge to house pre-prepared meals that you have portioned out for the entire week ahead. Meal prepping is the perfect way to stop you from being lazy and ordering takeout on a weekday.



The only beverage you need to be healthy is water, so keeping some chilled pitchers in your fridge is ideal. There is nothing quite like a beautiful, quenching glass of ice cold water to hydrate you!



Don’t forget your freezer either; you can fill it with frozen fruit to make healthy desserts with, and things like stockpiles of fresh fish to make healthy dinners with.



If you do need condiments, then make sure you choose them wisely. Mustards, salsas and other low sugar, low sodium options are preferable. You should avoid things like ketchup and BBQ.


Protein Snacks

Stock your fridge with high protein snacks that are still healthy for when you have a craving; things like hard boiled eggs are perfect.

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