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Slow Cooker Lipton Onion Potatoes ...

By Leiann

OK... This potato recipe is so easy! However, a little different, as most women use salt, pepper, oil, garlic power and onion salt. Follow along...

Of course, the trick is in the Lipton Onion Mix!

These potatoes are super, as a side, with about any dish! Heck, I know some people would have these potatoes AS the main dish! Then, Thanksgiving is coming up in 2 months to have to think about.

Potatoes are cheap! Buy a 5 pound bag for about what amount these days... $5.00? A good recipe to have if you have run out of grocery money.

I like to share frugal and tasty tips that i have found searching on YouTube. I hope you do not get too bored. If so, leave me a comment!

Thank you!

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