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Mason Jar Caprese Pasta Salad ...

By Leiann

AKA: Pasta salad, this YouTube video makes you want to make some NOW!

I know so many of you are anti-carbs, but I am pleading with you that your body needs carbs for energy! With these jars, you get just enough to satisfy, along with your lovely veggies.

Use whatever pasta you like, be it rigatoni, shells, elbow, bow-tie, etc.

Use whatever veggies you like, be it peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, etc.

Do you like romaine? Iceberg? Spinach? Kale?

How about your favorite dressing? Don't forget to place your dressing in first at the bottom!

What is not included in the video are croutons! I like croutons on top!

If you would like a typed recipe of this, go to:

Just create the jars, stock your fridge and voila! Mason Jar Caprese Pasta Salad in a flash!

Thank you for watching!

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