Summer Was Made for These 7 Boozy Drinks 🍸 ...

I love a good iced tea as much as the next girl, but I also have a soft spot for summer-y, boozy drinks. If you're ready to play bartender at your next BBQ, I've got some drinks you can serve up and enjoy, stat.

1. Peach Iced Tea Whiskey

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Remember, I said I loved a good iced tea, and this certainly sounds like the very best iced tea, doesn't it? It's sweet from the peaches and is oh-so-refreshing!

2. Strawberry Cotton Candy Cocktail

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Oh my gosh, I need to make this one! I love how the cotton candy dissolves at the end... it looks delicious!

3. Blackberry Tequila Punch

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Fresh berries will always remind me of summer, and this punch cocktail tastes like summer should, with a nice kick.

4. Boozy Bubbly Sherbet Punch

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Make a few of these, then sit on the porch swing and debate with your friends about which is the proper way to pronounce the word, "sher-bet" or "sher-bert."

5. Pink Grapefruit Margaritas

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These looks so easy to make, and I just love pink grapefruit flavor. Plus, I think this might actually be somewhat healthful... Vitamin C, right?

6. Raspberry Mojitos

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Gosh, these just LOOK pretty when you're making them, kind of like a light, tasty salad. Only, you know, with booze.

7. Sparkling Strawberry-Kiwi Sangria

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Oh my gosh, within the first ten seconds, I learned a trick I'll use even when I'm not making sangria - how to de-stem a strawberry with a straw! Anyway, yeah, the drink looks pretty good too.

So which of these boozy summer drinks will you make first? Or do you have another adult beverage signature drink?

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