3 Super Healthy Ingredients to Super Charge Your Smoothies ...

By Sonya

3 Super Healthy Ingredients  to Super Charge Your Smoothies  ...

Are you looking for some super healthy ingredients to add to smoothies? They are something that all of us know we should be drinking, but also something that can taste really boring if we don’t know exactly what to put in them! If you are new to the world of smoothies, you might not have a full understanding of the kinds of ingredients that you need to put in them to get the healthiest benefits and to achieve the best taste and flavour possible. Allow me to help you out with this. Here are three super healthy ingredients to add to smoothies to really ramp them up!

1 Cauliflower

Cauliflower has become trendy recently thanks to it being a delicious rice alternative, but it can also be used for smoothies. It will give your smoothie an amazing creamy texture very similar to bananas, and it is absolutely packed full of vitamin C, which will keep your blood sugar levels steady. You can even buy it frozen and pre-riced in lots of stores. That's why cauliflower tops my list of super healthy ingredients to add to smoothies.

2 Protein Powder

Smoothies made from purely natural fruits and vegetables are great, but you can add an extra level of oomph to them by using a high quality protein powder. It is a simple and tasty way to speed up your metabolism and keep you feeling more satisfied throughout the day. Around 30 minutes after a workout is the perfect time to partake!

Exercising is important, but maintaining a healthy diet is the key to fitness. Your diet should include a good proportion of fruits and vegetables. But, you might ask, "is an apple a fruit"? Indeed, it is - rich in fiber, low in calories, and packed with nutrients, apples can be your perfect snack. Enjoy!

3 Ginger

Ginger truly is something of a miracle ingredient! It will add a sublime zesty kick to your smoothies while also stimulating your metabolism and reducing any inflammation that might be present in your body. For ultimate satisfaction, pair it with something tropical like pineapple, coconut or mango. Your smoothie will taste so good that you will forget it’s actually really healthy!

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