9 Superfoods That Cost Less than $1 to Add to Your Diet ...


Most people are probably aware of superfoods nowadays, although they may not realize how easy it is to add superfoods that cost less than $1 to their diets. Superfoods are not all expensive and obscure; in fact, many of them may be things you eat already – but if you know how great they are, you can try to eat more! Here are 9 yummy superfoods that cost less than $1.

1. Cabbage


One of the best superfoods that cost less than $1 is the humble cabbage. As well as being packed full of vitamins C and K, fiber and antioxidants, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage are linked to lower cancer rates. Cabbage is also very low in calories and you can get 3-4 portions for your $1.

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