40 Tantalizing Berry Ideas for the Later Summer Bounty ...


40 Tantalizing Berry Ideas for the Later Summer Bounty ...
40 Tantalizing Berry Ideas for the Later Summer Bounty ...

When the fresh berries go on sale, I always end up with more than my family can eat, which is why I started hunting for great berry ideas to use up the excess. I have collected some of the best and compiled them here for you to enjoy too. Next time you're wondering how you are possibly going to use all those berries before they spoil, check out this great list of berry ideas and you'll be all set.

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Blueberry Mojito

Blueberry Mojito Via Drink Up!
Yes, please! I love mojitos in the summertime and this blueberry version is my absolute favorite of all the berry ideas on this list.


The blend of muddled mint and fresh blueberries offers a refreshing twist on the classic cocktail. Imagine sipping on this tangy, sweet concoction while lounging by the pool or enjoying an evening on the patio. The pop of color makes it as delightful to look at as it is to drink. Definitely a must-try for those balmy days when you need a thirst-quencher that's a step above the ordinary. And, if you're in the mood to impress at your next summer gathering, this mojito is sure to be a hit. Cheers to berry-delicious sips!


Summer Berry Sangria

Summer Berry Sangria Via Summer Berry Sangria - Real ...
My second favorite idea is this yummy sangria infused with berry flavors.



BERRY PARFAIT Via Dreamy Berry Parfait with Coconut ...
This concoction of fruit, granola, whipped cream and drizzly caramel would be the perfect dessert.


Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake Via Chocolate and Berries Yogurt Dessert
This refreshing blend of fruit and ice cream is the ultimate in summer deliciousness.


Heart Healthy Snack

Heart Healthy Snack Via 6 Healthiest Berries for Women’s ...
Eating fruit, especially berries, loads you up with lots of fiber and antioxidants, both of which are good for your heart.


Blueberry Blackberry Rustic Tart

Blueberry Blackberry Rustic Tart Via Blueberry-Blackberry Rustic Tart
This warm blend of blueberries and blackberries will melt in your mouth.


Cake Topper

Cake Topper Via all the beauty things...
You can feel a bit more virtuous about eating a huge slice of cake when you top it with a pile of fresh berries.


Berry Smoothie

Berry Smoothie Via Paleo Watermelon Berry Smoothie | ...
What better way to use up berries than to make a cold, delightful smoothie?


Yogurt and Berry Popsicles

Yogurt and Berry Popsicles Via Flavorofjoy.com
These are so much healthier and tastier than store bought frozen fruit pops.


Berry Pie

Berry Pie Via Achat'z Four Berry Pie
A pile of fresh berries is the perfect choice for filling a pie.


Frozen Berries

Frozen Berries Via Frozen Berries With Hot Chocolate
Frozen berries are great for smoothies or for tossing into hot oatmeal.


Drink Garnish

Drink Garnish Via bloglovin.com
In sangria, berries are perfect, but you can also use them to jazz up pitchers of lemonade, iced tea or water.


Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake

Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake Via From Camille's Kitchen :: Summer ...
I think the name says it all - ice cream and berries. The perfect combination.


Frozen Sorbet

Frozen Sorbet Via laurenconrad.com
Berries are the perfect ingredient for making sorbet.


Berry Salad

Berry Salad Via Berrylicious Summer Salad with Honey ...
Adding berries to a salad boosts flavor and nutrition.


Berries on the Side

Berries on the Side Via Barefeet In The Kitchen: Summer ...
No matter what you're eating, a pile of fresh berries on the side rounds out the meal.


Triple Berry Cups

Triple Berry Cups Via Triple Berry Lemon Cookie Cups ...
Fill these cookies with cheesecake filling and berries and you'll have a dessert everyone will love.


Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding Via Superfood Triple Berry Chia Pudding ...
You've probably heard that chia pudding is super healthy and berries give it lots of flavor and color.


Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes Via DIY Home Projects | Martha ...
Toss a couple berries in your next batch of ice cubes and your drink will be full of flavor and color.


Streusel Bars

Streusel Bars Via Healthy Berry Streusel Bars. - ...
This would make a pretty tasty dessert, but I think they look like a yummy breakfast too.


Sweet Bread

Sweet Bread Via Berries + Yogurt + Flour, ...
Swirl blended fresh berries into sweet bread for a yummy new treat.


Mixed Berry Scones

Mixed Berry Scones Via The Best Glazed Mixed Berry ...
I love scones of any type, but adding berries to your recipe makes them even better.


Salted Caramel Yogurt Dip

Salted Caramel Yogurt Dip Via Sunset Style Salted Caramel Yogurt ...
What a tasty looking mixture of ingredients.


Spa Water

Spa Water Via notveganyet.blogspot.com
Make your water fancy by adding berries to it before you sip.


Lemon Cream Berry Pie

Lemon Cream Berry Pie Via Lemon Cream Berry Pie
There's nothing quite like the flavor combination of lemons and berries, which makes this pie perfect.


BlackBerry Mousse

BlackBerry Mousse Via Content Marketing Audit | Milkshake-factory.com
Top fruit mousse with fresh fruit for an eye-appealing presentation.


Chocolate Meringue Cake

Chocolate Meringue Cake Via theartfuldesperado.com
What could be better than chocolate cake? Why, chocolate cake topped with berries, of course.


Berry Cheesecake

Berry Cheesecake Via Red, White and Blue Berry ...
Fruity desserts in a jar are perfect for barbecues and picnics.


Berry Pancakes

Berry Pancakes Via Double Berry Puff Pancake
Berries in your pancake mix? Yes! It tastes heavenly.


Chocolate Dessert Cups

Chocolate Dessert Cups Via Chocolate Dessert Cups with Fresh ...
This is the perfect dessert because you can eat the cup too!


Four Berry Pie Recipe

Four Berry Pie Recipe Via The Berry Best Four Berry ...
The great thing about berry pie is that you can mix and match your favorites to create new flavor combinations.


Berry Cheesecakes

Berry Cheesecakes Via Recipe: No-Bake Berry Cheesecake Verrines ...
A tiny cheesecake is the ultimate in decadent dessert ideas.


Pancake Cake

Pancake Cake Via pancake cake with berries and ...
Layered pancakes with berries and cream make a great breakfast any day of the week.


Berry Galette

Berry Galette Via Recipe: The Midnight Galette
This gooey and delicious galette is even better topped with vanilla ice cream.


Lots of Raspberries

Lots of Raspberries Via 11-09-03 04.26.47 pm _cas6194
Look at all the different colored raspberries!


Easy Berry Crisp

Easy Berry Crisp Via Berry Crisp | My Baking ...
Make your life easier by creating a yummy crisp, which is pretty easy to make.


Mixed Berry Tart

Mixed Berry Tart Via Mixed Berry Tart - Creme ...
The whipped cream really brings out the fresh flavor of the berries.


Triple Berry Vodka Martini

Triple Berry Vodka Martini Via Triple Berry Vodka Martini
Berry cocktails just can't be beat!


Berry Picking

Berry Picking Via twilightgardengate.tumblr.com
Try your hand at berry picking for a great way to enjoy fruit fresh off the vine.


Individual Desserts

Individual Desserts Via Berry Patchwork Tart
I love how pretty this dessert is and how it highlights each berry by itself and with the group.

Don't you just love summer berries? What's your favorite way to use them?

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