30 Tasty Fruit Platters for Just about Any Celebration ...

Fruit platters are an easy appetizer for any party and with the holidays fast approaching, you are going to find them perfect for all your events. Fruit is a healthy way to satisfy a sweet craving and you can fill up on vitamins and minerals for a very few calories, which leaves less room for unhealthy appetizers and meals that go hand in hand with parties. You can lay out fruit in many ways and the presentation of your fruit platters makes them fun for everyone.

1. Cheese and Crackers Fruit Platter

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Round out fruit platters by making them heartier and pile them with meats, crackers and cheeses.

2. Dried Fruit

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If you can't find your favorite fruits fresh and in season, try dried ones instead.

3. Skewered Fruit

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Use skewers to create a fruit masterpiece like this one. Looks tasty, doesn't it?

4. Fruit Bouquets

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I love how all the fruit is in separate bowls. It would be hard to decide where to start first.

5. Fruit Rainbow

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Make any celebration a colorful affair with a rainbow made out of fruit.

6. Snowman Christmas Fruit Platter

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What an adorable way to celebrate the winter holidays! And tasty too.

7. With Other Nibbles

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Combine fruit with pinwheels and deviled eggs for a filling appetizer tray that everyone will love.

8. Fruit Dip

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Serve fruit with dip to make it even tastier. Kids love dip and they will gobble it right up.

9. Bunny Head Fresh Fruit Platter

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Use chopped fruit to create a pattern or image that goes with your theme or event.

10. Coconut Cream Fruit Dip

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Here's another tasty looking dip that will go fast. Make extra!

11. Baby Fruit Salad

This would be perfect for a baby shower. It's cute, isn't it?

12. Fruit Turkey

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With Thanksgiving coming, this cute fruit platter arranged like a turkey is perfect as a pre-dinner snack.

13. Elegant Dishes

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Arrange your fruit in these long, elegant dishes for a great presentation.

14. Tropical Fruit Salad

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I love the pineapple tree! The fruit surrounding it looks so fresh and juicy. Yum!

15. Keep It Simple

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This simple fruit arrangement comes together quickly, but looks stunning.

16. Jack O' Lantern Fruit Bowl

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This adorable Halloween themed fruit platter is fun and is super easy to put together.

17. Fruit Burst

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Make your fruit platter stand out by arranging a burst of fruit shapes like these.

18. Pile It up

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Load your fruit platter up like this one and no one is going to go hungry.

19. Christmas Tree Fruit Platter

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This is absolutely perfect for classroom holiday parties. And so easy to make that the kids could do it.

20. Inside Ice Cream Cones

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This is a great way to make your fruit platter portable and easy to eat. Kids will love this!

21. Fruit Owl

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Here's another perfect fruit creation that's almost too pretty to eat.

22. Epic Fruit Display

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It looks elaborate and fancy, but it doesn't take a ton of skill to create something like this.

23. Fun Food

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Get your kids to eat their fruit by making it look fancy and fun like this.

24. Flat Fruit

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Cutting the fruit into thin, flat slices makes it easier to eat and allows you to create an arrangement that looks like this.

25. On a Cutting Board

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A large cutting board is the perfect thing for displaying your fruit platter.


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It's like looking through that favorite childhood toy! This looks tasty, don't you think?

27. Monster Fruit Platter

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Cute, right? What kid wouldn't want to eat one of these cute fruit monsters?

28. Pineapple Bowls

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Hollowed out pineapples make the perfect bowls for serving melon balls or other diced fruit.

29. Piled High

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I really like how this tray is piled high instead of laid out completely flat.

30. Butterfly Fruit Tray

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Isn't this a beautiful way to arrange fruit? It would be so fun to lay it out.

Do you serve fruit at your gatherings? Will you create a fruit platter like any of these? Let me know how it goes.