7 Techniques for Making Produce Last ...


Making produce last is probably one of the most difficult things in the food world. If youโ€™re a healthy eater that consumes lots of produce, often itโ€™s frustrating when the kale you just bought wilts or the berries you recently purchased begin to mold. The key to making produce last is buying fruits and vegetables strategically and at the right time so you can enjoy them and avoid spoilage. If you want to prevent wastage on a regular basis, try these seven techniques for making produce last.

1. Buy in Season

Youโ€™re only going to like produce if it tastes good! One of the most efficient ways to making produce last is to buy items in season. Tomatoes will almost always taste better in the summer, while pomegranates will reach their peak in the cooler winter months. If you donโ€™t want to waste produce, buy it when itโ€™s in its prime. This way itโ€™ll be so delicious you wonโ€™t let any of it spoil!

Wash Your Produce
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