The Basics πŸ‘Œ of Reading πŸ‘€ Food Labels 🍟 All Girls πŸ‘© Need to Know πŸ’­ ...


When you’re eating healthily and are concerned about what you are putting in your body, you need to be able to read food labels. Every girl needs to know the basics of reading food labels.

Trouble is, they can appear like an encyclopedia written in a foreign language to the untrained eye. They do as much to confuse us as they attempt to clarify. Don’t let it put you off. Understand the basics and from there, your knowledge will grow, and you’ll soon be able to skim read to pick out the pertinent information that will inform your buying decision. Here are the basics of reading food labels.

1. Serving Size

One of the basics of reading food labels is figuring out serving size. Just because it comes in one package, it doesn’t mean it’s a single serving. The label will always tell you how many ideal servings there are in a box or can, and the nutrition columns will also be split into both individual servings and full pack, so make sure you read the correct numbers!

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