The Best Food Delivery Services for Your Lazy Afternoons ...


Food delivery services are like take-out, but they bring you groceries instead of fast food. This is perfect for days when you are feeling lazy, but need to stock your fridge and pantry. If you’re trying to eat healthy, a food delivery service is a much better thing to add to your speed dial than the closest pizza joint. There’s something to be said for avoiding the grocery store and letting someone bring you the food. Here are the best of the best.

1. Instacart

This fabulous program allows you to order items you want from several different stores and have them delivered right to your doorstep. You can choose from foods at stores like Safeway and Whole Foods and can even order items from membership stores like Costco. This service is perfect for someone with a tech addiction and will make it easy to keep your house full of healthy foods.

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