Avoid the Freshman 15 by Learning to Cook These Dorm Friendly Meals ...

Every fall, thousands of freshman enter college full of nervous excitement about several things—new classes, new friends, a new home, and, often unfortunately, a new body! That’s right—the “freshman 15” plagues college students everywhere, but you don’t have to be another victim! Learn these healthy, dorm friendly meals to avoid a diet of ramen, coffee, and candy, and therefore the dreaded freshman fifteen!

1. Breakfast Wraps

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So to start your day off healthy, make sure you have a wholesome meal like this one. It’s packed with fruit, which will give you a natural energy boost, peanut butter and granola to keep you full throughout your morning classes, and jam, simply for the yum factor! This dorm friendly meal will take you under five minutes to prepare, so why would you eat anything else?

2. Greek Yogurt with Granola

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This one is a classic combination that’s full of nutrients and bursting with flavor. You can buy individual greek yogurts for as cheep as one dollar, and either a box of granola bars or bag of granola for a few dollars to pour into your yogurt. If you get bored of this combo, it’s easy to mix things up by adding in slices of fresh fruit or berries, or using flavored greek yogurt.

3. Protein Pancakes

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A wise investment for college might be a pancake pan that stands on its own and can be plugged into the wall in your dorm. Otherwise, if your dorm room or building have a small kitchen, simply a pan would be a great idea! Either way, you can cook protein pancakes as a high protein, low carb breakfast! This recipe was created by the online fitness trainer Cassey Ho, aka Blogilates. Her recipes are healthy, easy, and delicious! The perfect combo!

4. Fajita-style Quesadillas

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Again, if you have a small skillet or pancake pan, you can use that to your advantage. These fajita-style quesadillas make a great snack or lunch, and will stop you from filling your body with unhealthy alternatives like Del Taco! Throw in your favorite spices and low fat cheese and you have yourself a healthy, dorm friendly meal!

5. California Roll Style Wraps

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Your roommates will love you if you make a platter of these to share for dinner or lunch some night! This refreshing and filling meal will save you way more money—and calories— than if you went out to get sushi. That’s why it’s perfect for college students!

6. Caprese Wraps with Chicken

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Have you noticed yet that wraps might become your best friend in college if you want to eat clean and healthy? Yeah I’d get stocked up on those tortillas now if I were you… While you might need a bit more ingredients for this one, you can feed your whole dorm room with it and have a hearty and delicious meal!

7. Apple “pie”

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There’s always room for dessert, right? But while you may be tempted to go and get a milkshake after dinner, you and I both know that that’s not going to help you combat the freshman fifteen! So make your own dessert! This apple pie substitute will satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet!

Maintaining, or even losing weight, in college is possible! Just because the stereotype is there doesn’t mean you have to follow it! Get your roommates on board so that you can all chip in on groceries, then get to preparing and eating healthy meals throughout the day; you won’t regret it! What other delicious and nutritious meal recommendations do you have for college students?

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