the Problems for Girls Who Eat a Lot ...


 the Problems for Girls Who Eat a Lot ...
 the Problems for Girls Who Eat a Lot ...

It’s a harsh world these days for girls who eat a lot. With the current issues of obesity and eating disorders you can legitimately be a foodie, but if you’re a girl who eats a lot, it’s a whole different ball game. There are girls who can eat loads and not put on weight and girls who eat a lot and then work darned hard to work it off. If you’re a girl who eats a lot and loves food, you’ll understand these things:

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Indecisive You love all the different cuisines from all over the world, and that makes choosing and deciding on a restaurant the hardest task in the entire world! Do you want Chinese? Italian? Indian? Thai? Why can’t you just have them all!



Lunchbox The cafeteria food at work is just not up to your expected standards, which means you have to lug around a lunchbox and flask every day at work like you are still in the 5th grade!



Money You need to have the very best gourmet ingredients, so you always end up paying a hell of a lot more than all of your friends on your weekly grocery shopping trip!


More Money!

More Money! As well as having to spend a lot of your money on gourmet products, you also rue the fact that you don’t have extra money to be spending on all of the things that other people buy regularly, like nice clothes and accessories!


Harder Workouts

Harder Workouts You’re not silly, you know that your love for food means that you have to go the extra mile during your workout, but it doesn’t stop the exercise from being a complete drag. Why can’t chocolate be 0 calories!?


People Assume

People Assume Just because you like to eat, it doesn't mean that you have an unhealthy lifestyle. It sucks when people think that because you have a healthy appetite that you are constantly shoveling junk food down your throat; that’s just not true!


Diet Advice

Diet Advice If you’re not a size zero, you find that people just love to give their advice about what kind of diet you should go on or what kind of exercise you should try. Why can’t they just be happy for you as you are?


Too Thin?

Too Thin? If you are one of those blessed people who can eat as much as they want and never gain a single pound, you will be absolutely sick of people telling you to ‘eat more, you’re so thin!’ They have no idea that you had four pieces of toast for breakfast!


Pointless Lipstick

Pointless Lipstick You see lipstick as luxury item for girls who don’t like to eat. how can you possibly be bothered to reapply your lips every time you have a delicious snack that messes it up?


Unflattering Photos

Unflattering Photos We’ve all been there, having a look through those photos of the picnic that your friend just uploaded and whilst everyone else is sat smiling, every single shot has you in the background with your mouth full of food!


Spaghetti Danger

Spaghetti Danger You have long been aware of the ninja like dangers that spaghetti can possess. You might have eaten it for lunch and not even notice a huge stain on your shirt until you are undressing for bed!



Teeth There are bound to be times when you at work or with friends where you are being looked at sort of strange only to go to the bathroom and find that you have 5% of today’s lunch still sitting there in your teeth!


No Dinner Conversation

No Dinner Conversation You are not the best dinner date because, let’s be real, you don’t have time to sit there and make polite conversation while your delicious meal is there on the table getting cold!


Early Brusher

Early Brusher You have learned not to make the mistake of brushing your teeth too early in the evening, because you are definitely going to want a cheeky midnight snack later on!



Hangry You are all too familiar with the dreaded state of hangry - that is being hungry which in turn makes you angry - and this puts you in a mood that is not the most becoming!


Too Full

Too Full You are well aware of that uncomfortable feeling of wanting to finish your meal but feeling too full to do so. But it is basically a sin to leave so much delicious food on a plate!


Never Again

Never Again You repeatedly proclaim that you are never going to eat that laden pizza again, but deep down inside you know that that pizza is your own true love and that you will be reunited in the near future!

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