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The Very Best Way to Reheat Pizza for Girls Who Don't like Cold Leftovers ...

By Sonya

What's the very best way to reheat pizza?

There’s no point denying it, we’ve all been there, those mornings after the night before where you stumble into the kitchen and see half a delicious looking pizza left there on the counter. It would be fair to say that old pizza is the breakfast of champions, but there is only one problem, how exactly are you going to heat it up? Believe me when I say there are good ways and bad ways to do this! Of course, some people are happy to eat it cold, but wouldn’t you prefer it to be hot and yummy, with gooey cheese? Luckily for you, I’m in the mood to share the secret, so with no further ado here is the very best way to reheat pizza.

• Grab your leftover pizza slice.

• Rather than heading for the microwave or preheating the oven, head to the cupboard and pick out your trusty skillet.

• Heat up the skillet and place your slice on the hot surface, checking it every few minutes until the cheese has reverted to being bubbly and melted and delicious looking.

• The pizza crust will get crisp just like in a wood-fired oven, and the cheese melts only from the heat from underneath, meaning that it doesn’t dry out.

• For the best results, add a few drops of water to the pan and then cover it with a lid for only a minute. You will be left with a slice that feels as gooey and fresh as it did when it was delivered, without the horrible wetness that happens when you put it in the microwave or super dryness from using the oven!

Now, just take a bite and enjoy.

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