7 Things to Put in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich ...


7 Things to Put in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich ...
7 Things to Put in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich ...

Once you find out about all the things to put in a grilled cheese sandwich, you will never go back to the plain old original ever again. The humble grilled cheese sandwich can easily be taken to the next level by sliding some other ingredients in there. As the cheese slice melts, it helps keep your other toppings from falling out when you take a bite. If you want to add a gourmet touch to your meal, check out all of these things to put in a grilled cheese sandwich. The sky’s the limit so try them all!

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Tomatoes When I was a kid, we used to dip our grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup, so it makes sense that tomato slices would taste good inside. In fact, this is one of my absolute favorite things to put in a grilled cheese sandwich. You’ll need a couple of thick slices to really get the full flavor potential. Sprinkle them with salt and freshly ground black pepper before sticking them in the sandwich for even more flavor.


Tomatoes are not only delicious in a grilled cheese sandwich, they are also incredibly nutritious. Tomatoes are a great source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folate, potassium, and fiber. Tomatoes also contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps protect against some types of cancer. Adding tomatoes to your grilled cheese sandwich is a great way to get some extra nutrition while still enjoying a delicious snack. To get the most out of the tomatoes, make sure to choose ripe tomatoes with a deep red color. Slice the tomatoes thickly so they don't get lost in the sandwich. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper for an extra flavor boost.



Bacon As you know, bacon makes anything better. Adding bacon to your grilled cheese sandwich adds loads of flavor and just the right amount of crunch. Cook the bacon slices before you put them in the sandwich because they won’t cook inside the bread. Add the cooked bacon on top of the cheese and grill the sandwich as usual. Bacon also pairs well with a variety of veggies so try both.



Onions You might wonder how a cheese and onion sandwich can taste that good, but it really does. When I was in college I worked in a bar and the cook would make grilled cheese and onion sandwiches for us after we closed. They were so flavorful and tasty. Of course, bacon and onion makes the sandwich even better. Try it – you’ll see just what I mean.


Onions are a great addition to any grilled cheese sandwich. They add a mild flavor and crunchy texture that pairs perfectly with melted cheese. Onions can be cooked in a variety of ways, such as sautéed, caramelized, or even pickled. Adding bacon to a grilled cheese and onion sandwich is a popular combination, as the smokiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the onion complement each other beautifully. Onions can also be used as a topping for a grilled cheese sandwich, adding a flavorful crunch.


Mushrooms and Poblanos

Mushrooms and Poblanos There is something really magical about the mixture of mushrooms and poblano peppers. I had them combined in a soft taco once and decided to try the mixture in a grilled cheese sandwich. It is delicious. Cook the mushrooms and peppers together for a few minutes, then pile them on the cheese before grilling the sandwich. Yum!



Pickles I love pickles and adding them to grilled cheese sandwiches gives them the perfect touch of saltiness and crunch. You want to use pickle slices for the best results. Look for the thick, juicy ones for a taste explosion in every bite. If you make homemade pickles from your garden cucumbers, this is a great way to showcase their flavor.


Pickles add a unique flavor to grilled cheese sandwiches that can't be found with any other ingredient. Pickles are a great way to add a salty and crunchy texture to the sandwich. For the best results, use thick slices of pickles. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even make your own pickles from cucumbers in your garden. Pickles are a great way to add a unique flavor to your grilled cheese sandwich.


Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts Thinly sliced deli meats are perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich. I personally think prosciutto is the best choice because it has a great taste that won’t overwhelm the cheese you pick for your sandwich. Salami, mortadella, turkey and ham also taste wonderful. Go really crazy and try more than one type of cold cut for a really epic sandwich.


Spicy Stuff

Spicy Stuff If you like your food with a kick, you can certainly spice up a grilled cheese sandwich. Start with pepperjack cheese, then pile on pickled or fresh jalapenos, chipotles or hot sauce. Grill as usual, but grab a glass of water before you dive in. You’re going to need it.

Do you eat grilled cheese sandwiches? They make a great dinner on a busy night! What’s your favorite way to make one?

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And a few pieces of lean bacon

I love grilled cheese sandwiches but after a while they get boring , but with this article I can give them a new taste . So thank you

Carmalized onions, thick slice of green apple, and bacon...trust me on this :)


I love pickles but I wouldnt put them on here.

Chicken breast pieces on a grilled cheese sandwich is heaven !

Fresh arugula is my favorite!

One of my fave snacks....

When I first read the title, I thought, cheese ...? Lol. But now I want a grilled cheese!

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