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It’s not as hard as you might think to add a gourmet touch to your meals. The very little time and effort you put into that can take all of your meals to a whole new level. Talk about a great way to impress friends and family. They’ll think you spent hours slaving over this fabulous meal you are serving. So, if you’re looking for ways to add a gourmet touch to your meals, you have come to the right place. Keep reading.

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Garnish You know how when you go out to eat at fancy restaurants and the plates come with a bit of greenery on the edge? That’s one of the simplest ways to add a gourmet touch to your meals. It doesn’t have to be a limp piece of lettuce either. Use watercress or a few leaves of arugula to add flavor and color to your plates.


Use Condiments

Use Condiments I’m not talking ketchup or mustard here. It’s really easy to make your plates look gourmet by putting tasty sauces in a squeeze bottle and dotting it around the edges of the plate just before serving. Try pesto, garlic sauce or something spicy. You’ll be amazed at how an otherwise ordinary meal looks like a restaurant meal by taking this easy step.


Go for Symmetry

Go for Symmetry There’s something about a symmetrical plate that just makes it look so fancy. When you serve up meals for your friends and family, try to make them look the same on both sides. For example, place two enchiladas in the center of the plate, then put a scoop of sour cream on one side and a scoop of guacamole on the other. Or put half a sandwich on each side of the plate, then add the sides in the middle.


Cut at an Angle

Cut at an Angle Who knew that a plain old straight cut was so boring? Not me, until I saw how much more gourmet meals look when the ingredients are cut on an angle. You can do this for sandwiches and pinwheels that you serve as appetizers. You can also slice vegetables on an angle when you make stir-fry or other veggie dishes. See how easy it is to make a meal you serve all the time more gourmet?


Use Fresh Herbs

Use Fresh Herbs Herbs are great in a huge variety of meals, but they tend to lose their bright color when you heat them. To give your meals that gourmet touch you crave, reserve some of your fresh herbs. Scatter them on the finished meal just before serving. It’s that easy to create a memorable meal that your guests will never forget.


Sprinkle with Spices

Sprinkle with Spices In much the same way as you use herbs, you can use spices to amp up the meals you create in your kitchen. You can use a dash of cinnamon on fruit, pie or ice cream. Try a dash of cracked black pepper on mashed potatoes or greens. Crushed red pepper works on steamed white rice or a cheesy topped burrito.


Sauce on the Side

Sauce on the Side You know everyone is going to want the sauce, but you can put it on the side to make the meal gourmet. Put sauces, gravy or other condiments in small dishes that you slide on the edge of each plate. This simple step adds a touch of fanciness and lets guests choose how much or how little of the sauce they want on their meal.

Do you enjoy making gourmet meals? I like to cook simple recipes that look stunning when I serve them. If you’re with me, which of these ideas will you try tonight?

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