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7 Things You Can Make with an Immersion Blender ...

By Eliza

An immersion blender is one that you can place directly in your food to blend it up, creating a smooth consistency. My husband gave me one for Christmas after I made a huge deal about how cool they are and how many yummy things I’d make with one. I have not been disappointed. I have used it for several purposes now and I love, love, love it. Here are some easy things to prepare with your immersion blender. Happy cooking!

1 Mashed Potatoes

Mashed PotatoesNo one likes lumpy mashed potatoes, right? It’s so hard to get a good creamy texture with a potato masher though. You can totally use an immersion blender instead. Drain the potatoes and add the milk and butter like you usually do. Then place the blender right into the potatoes, turn it on and use a stirring motion to mash them. You are going to love how creamy the potatoes end up.

2 Refried Beans

Refried BeansMy family loves homemade refried beans, but they are so hard to get right. Not when you have an immersion blender though. Prepare your favorite recipe, but use the blender to puree them into a smooth bowl of beans. Flavor them with your favorite seasonings, then return them to the pan for the “refried” portion of the recipe. This technique makes getting the perfect pan of beans fast and easy.


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3 Creamy Soup

Creamy SoupI love creamy soups in the fall and winter when the weather gets cold, but it’s such a pain to blend them in a traditional blender in batches. With an immersion blender you can simply blend the ingredients right in the pan, making the whole thing way faster and much simpler. This works for any creamy soup recipe.

4 Pasta Sauce

Pasta SauceMy kids don’t like really chunky pasta sauce, so I try to smooth it out with just a few veggie pieces mixed in. The immersion blender makes short work of any tomato based pasta sauce. Simply move it around in the sauce for a couple of minutes and your tomatoes will be pureed to perfection.

5 Smoothies

SmoothiesIf you make a big batch of smoothies on a regular basis, you are going to love the immersion blender. Simply place your ingredients in a large pitcher and whirl them all up at one time with your blender. This works for any combination of ingredients and can get you from hungry to satisfied in mere minutes.

6 Hummus

HummusSometimes chunkier spread and dips require you to turn the blender off, stir the ingredients, and start again because they get stuck under the blades. Not so with an immersion blender. You can put your hummus ingredients in a large bowl and have a finished product in no time. Plus, you won’t have as many dirty dishes to deal with. Bonus!

7 Guacamole

GuacamoleInstead of wasting time mashing avocados with a fork or potato masher, use your immersion blender. You’ll get a really creamy base for your guacamole. Once you have the avocados mashed, you can add the tomatoes, onions, garlic and salt and pepper and be ready to eat in just a couple of minutes. What could be more perfect?

Do you have an immersion blender? They are sometimes called stick blenders, but mine has changed my life. Imagine getting jobs done in a fraction of the time without giving up the taste you love. What else can I do with my immersion blender?

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