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Your vitamin E intake is something you should definitely consider. This nutrient is a powerful antioxidant, which means it fights free radical damage and can help prevent numerous health problems, such as cancer and heart disease. Vitamin E also plays a role in cell health, gene expression and immunity. There are lots of food sources that taste great and increase your vitamin E intake. If you’re worried you aren’t getting enough, talk to your doctor about a supplement.

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Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds I always grab a bag of sunflower seeds before I go on a road trip. It turns out I should be doing it all the time because they’re one of the best ways to boost your vitamin E intake. In fact, an ounce of them contains more than one-third of the daily intake recommendations. Gobble them plain for a snack, or toss some into your next vegetable salad. They also work great in trail mix combined with dried cereal, chocolate and raisins.



Almonds Similar in content to sunflower seeds, almonds are another totally tasty food that contains vitamin E. Almonds make a great portable snack anytime you’re on the go. Put sliced almonds in your cereal, oatmeal or favorite batch of muffins. They’re also a great choice for trail mix and taste yummy sprinkled on plain yogurt with sliced fruit and honey. Almonds do contain more calories than your average snack, so don’t eat pounds of them every day, or you could be facing weight gain.


Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Are you noticing a trend here? If not, nuts and seeds are good options for getting vitamin E in your diet. Peanut butter is ideal because it works for so many things. Have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, spread it on toast at breakfast or combine it with olive oil and soy sauce for a peanut sauce on your pasta. I love peanut butter on waffles and pancakes and I bet you will too! Whole peanuts are also a great choice.



Spinach It’s not as high in vitamin E as nuts, but just a ½ cup of spinach gives you 10 percent of the daily recommended intake. Add fresh spinach to your next chef salad or toss a handful of leaves into vegetable soup. Slide spinach into a turkey sandwich or sauté it with garlic for a delicious side dish you can serve with steak or roasted chicken. Spinach is very low in calories, which makes it a great choice if you’re watching your weight.



Kiwis Not only does a kiwi contain nearly 10 percent of your daily vitamin E needs, but it’s also packed with vitamin C and fiber. I like to cut the top off my kiwi then scoop out the insides with a spoon. Kiwis are tart and sweet at the same time and I love one for breakfast with a bowl of cereal. You can also add sliced kiwi to fruit salad, smoothies or pile it on top of yogurt with granola and honey.



Mangoes Where I live I can find mangoes year-round, which is great news on the vitamin E front. A ½ cup of diced mango contains nearly 5 percent of your daily intake needs. It might not be enough to satisfy an entire day’s quota, but it’s certainly a delicious way to contribute. Add mango to a smoothie or mix it with avocado, diced red onion and chopped jalapenos for a yummy salsa you won’t be able to resist.



Tomatoes Tomatoes are great because you can eat them raw or cooked and they contain a bit of vitamin E too. Again, it’s not enough to satisfy an entire day’s need, but it can help you get there. Add tomatoes to salad or put them on sandwiches and burgers. Whip up some salsa or spaghetti sauce or toss some tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil for a tasty side dish.

What’s your favorite food on this list? Have you ever thought about your vitamin E intake?

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